Feb 2, 2014

Suki tte ii na yo Live Action

I am really not a fan of live action (except for Nodame Cantabile)

Yamato's hair was not perfectly copied here.

Yeah, I know, it is utterly difficult to do. Especially his hair has lots of unknown weird curls... www

Anyway, Kawaguchi Haruna, who acted as Fujioka Haruhi in the live action of Ouran High School Host Club, will take the role of Tachibana Mei. Isn't it amazing? Though this one is not only centered with one loyal man. Kurosawa Yamato will be acted out by Fukushi Souta, and I do not know who he is. ww

So from the manga:

to the anime (where Ai Kayano and Takahiro Sakurai gave voices to the characters):


to the live action (did I mention that this is a film?) :

I wonder what'll come next? 

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