Apr 14, 2014

Prince of Tennis Challenge 5: A character that you thought had an interesting 40.5 profile

I really don't know...

But I have to answer Tezuka Kunimitsu since his attitude towards Tennis and his studies is superb!

Tezuka Kunimitsu
The brave leader who revealed his true figure through conquering himself.
“Is that all the resolution you have?”
Seishun Gakuen Middle School: Year 3 Class 1 No. 12

Birthday (Sign): October 7 (Libra)   Blood Type: O Type

Special techniques: Zero-Shiki Drop Shot, Muga no Kyouchi, Hyaku Ren Jitoku no Kiwami (Pinnacle of Hardwork), Saiki Kanpatsu no Kiwami (Pinnacle of Great Wisdom), Tezuka Zone, Tezuka Phantm, Zero-Shiki Serve

Committee: Student Council President
Worst subjects: None
Most visited place in school: Library
Elementary school: Seiharudai Daiichi Elementary School
Spends allowance on: Books
Motto: The biggest enemy is within me
Favourite movie: As long as it is a famous classic piece, both local and foreign ones are fine
Favourite books: Western books   Favourite music: Classical music (Beethoven)
Ideal dating spot: Fishing by the mountain streams
On his ‘want’ list: Illustration book of the world’s famous mountains
Daily routine: Writing his diary
Dislikes: Doing nothing
Other specialty besides tennis: Woodworking
Tezuka has removed the seal, thus releasing the strength of Muga. Yet, his strongest point lies in being able to conquer the battle with himself. Ever since he has put aside the worry of his old injuries showing again, Tezuka has gained an unshakable resolution.

“I want to thank you all.” (The meeting with a young girl (Miyuki) who shared the same situation as him has given Tezuka the courage to take the step forward.)

Personal Data:
Height: 179cm
Weight: 58kg
Foot size: 27.5cm
Eyesight: L R 1.5 each
No. of rounds around the field that he made his club members run as punishment in a year: 5870 rounds
Using absolute leadership skills to advance towards the Nationals!
For members who are late, who quarrel, who are absent without valid reasons, Tezuka will first punish them by making them run around the field. Using the authority as the captain of the tennis club to guide them strictly can result in the members to be more alerted and thus be more motivated.
Oishi discusses trivia about Tezuka!!
I was surprised but he seems to be watching comedic variety shows!  Recently he seemed to have watched ‘The Biggest Appetite Competition’. During the Yakiniku competition he appeared to have enjoyed himself too, which probably which probably hints at how much he loves that kind of thing.
Rival players’ take on Tezuka!!
From Atobe Keigo: That’s right… This is the man that Oresama had acknowledged. Oi, Tezuka, Oresama will crush you to nothing!
From Sanada Genichiro: Tezuka Kunimitsu… I have truly seen your resolution till the end! Hmph… Next get your arm healed quickly!
From Chitose Senri: He can actually open two doors of Muga no Kyouchi at the same time, Tezuka Kunimitsu is really scary. His strength is unfathomable.
Analysing Tezuka (from his daily routine): Writing diary
Often reflects on himself to get rid of his weakness!
By writing in his diary daily, Tezuka creates the time to come face to face with himself. Reflecting and being critical of himself is Tezuka’s way of life.

(Having a conversation with himself is the shortcut to overcoming his weak points and solving his troubles.)

Fortune-telling of Tezuka using I Ching Divination:
He belongs to the type who embraces harmony and peace. Often, he tries to make the effort and forces himself to interact with the others inconspicuously, or easing up the atmosphere (but pretends as though it is not of his concern), making interrelationships smoother. As he has overflowing talent and the willingness to work hard, he is bound to have a very bright future. In reality there also exists a side that is afraid of loneliness, and is uneasy when it comes to darkness.
Tezuka’s special technique!! Hyaku Ren Jitoku no Kiwami!
Finally the seal is removed, stepping into the state of Muga!
By shifting the explosive power to the whole of his left arm, thus doubling both the power and spin on the opponent’s return ball! Tezuka has already stepped into the state of Muga no Kyouchi.
(The surprisingly skillful return has made the rotation on the ball for Tezuka Zone possible.)

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