Dec 11, 2010

Niou Masaharu's Debut Album "P" Cover Revealed!

I am really surprised that Niou will get his own album.

Anyway, through this I conclude that there'll be more

MASSUN appearance in the future concerts. URESHII~

P for Puri, tabun?


1. DOUBT (仁王雅治)
2. LASER BEAM (仁王雅治)
3. Ah Ah-詐欺(ペテン)- (仁王雅治)
4. PAIN~絡み合う二つのSTORY~ (仁王雅治)
5. メテオドライブ (仁王雅治)
6. 踊れ、踊れ。 (仁王雅治)
7. Fake (仁王雅治)
8. P気持 (仁王雅治)
9. 瞬間BARRICADE-Floating Sun- (仁王雅治)
10. 未完成 (仁王雅治)
11. 仁王のクリスマス (仁王雅治)
12. 1/365の奇跡 (仁王雅治)

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