Oct 16, 2011

First Impression: Fate Zero

The first episode surprised me.

At first I had the.. "How come I've been sitting here for more than

half an hour but this..."

Then that's when I realize that the whole episode is more than 45 mins.


I was kinda flustered with that. 

But over-all it was worth to watch.


To tell you the truth it saddened me after learning that


is not part of the cast anymore.

Then finally discovered that Sakura and Rin are real siblings.

How come Sakura's really different from her sister?

How come? How come? How come?

And the scene where Jouji Nakata and Hayami Shou's talking to each

other seriously appeared weird to me.

Especially the conversation...

The explanation where Father Tohsaka and the priest just walked 

in circular motion twice.

That disturbed me TOO MUCH. LOL

Okay end of criticisms. 

Hope Tainaka Sachi's voice will be heard from it too.

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