Jan 21, 2012

Hello January! It's already late!

Did not have enough time to post because we have tons of examinations last few weeks.
So in order to get resurrected again in this kind of thing...
I've decided to post a lot tonight.

Well, actually, in addition to multiple school examinations, my laptop crashed again.
Now that it is already fine, I am really splurging my thought here and quench the need to post a lot of number of stuff for the last few days of January.

I saw a 30-day anime meme from various websites.
Since I can't assure myself that I can post every day, I will do all of it TODAY.

I have contests to do so tonight's the only time I have... again. (so busy)

I will start as soon as possible but the post will look awesome if it gotten longer. LOL
I was freakin' kidding.
The past few days I've been watching The Big Bang Theory.. and woah, it did affect my way of thinking.
Thanks to Sheldon Cooper.

Okay, petty blabbering over.
Meme answering sutaato!

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