Aug 31, 2012

Disney Date ~Koe no Oujisama~ 2!

Yes, yes yes!

Though I've learned about this long time ago, I think YOU should know about this too. 

[from seiyuu.livejournal]

 ●Snow White Reading by Akira Ishida (白雪姫 ―朗読― /石田 彰)
  ●Heigh Ho (Snow White) by Hiroshi Kamiya (ハイ・ホー [白雪姫]  / 神谷浩史)
  ●Ai no Utagoe aka. Love Is A Song (Bambi) by Hikaru Midorikawa (愛のうたごえ [バンビ] / 緑川 光)
  ●Bella Notte (Lady and the Tramp) by Ryutaro Okiayu (ベラノッテ [わんわん物語] / 置鮎龍太郎)
  ●Lalalu (Lady and the Tramp) by Takahiro Sakurai (ララルー [わんわん物語] / 櫻井孝宏)
  ●Kiss the Girl (Little Mermaid) by Hiro Shimono (キス・ザ・ガール [リトル・マーメイド] / 下野 紘)
  ●Great Spirit (Brother Bear) by Kouichi Yamadera (グレイト・スピリット [ブラザーベアー] /山寺宏一)
  ●You'll Be In My Heart (Tarzan) by Tomokazu Seki (You'll Be In My Heart [ターザン] / 関 智一)
  ●Itsudemo Issho aka. Good Company (Oliver and Company) by Nobuhiko Okamoto (いつでも一緒 [オリバーニューヨーク子猫物語] / 岡本信彦)
  ●Rapunzel Reading by Kouichi Yamadera (ラプンツェル ―朗読― / 山寺宏一)

Disc 2 of Deluxe ver. include duet and each solo parts of:
  ●Minna Neko ni Naritai sa aka. Everybody wants to be a Cat (The Aristocat) by Kouichi Yamadera x2 (みんなネコになりたいのさ [おしゃれキャット] / 山寺宏一& 山寺宏一)
  ●Hakuna Matata (Lion King) by Hiro Shimono & Nobuhiko Okamoto (ハクナ・マタタ [ライオン・キング] / 下野 紘 & 岡本信彦)
  ●Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast) by Ryutaro Okiayu and Tomokazu Seki (美女と野獣 [美女と野獣] / 置鮎龍太郎 & 関 智一)
  ●Kagayaku Mirai aka. I See The Light (Rapunzel) by Hikaru Midorikawa and Takahiro Sakurai (輝く未来 [ラプンツェル] / 緑川 光 & 櫻井孝宏)

Just look at the list!!!
I hope they'll include the videos of those seiyuus while they were having their recording. Hihihi.

Okamoto Nobuhiko, Ishida Akira, Okiayu Ryotaro, and Shimono Hiro are now in the set!!

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