Oct 19, 2014

Few rants about Hirano Aya

Why'd I suddenly think of her? 

I was thinking of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu and Lucky Star... of course the main roles of both series were voiced by Hirano Aya. 

Who can possibly forget her?

I was also a fan of her... but then, I guess I've been influenced by the kimo-wota around the net. Definitely her scandal took away almost 90% percent of her peak in seiyuu industry. 

It's really hard to please people, but if you are doing immoral acts... I dunno. Well, she's still in Fairy Tail and is voicing in Parasyte.

I feel so sorry about her. It'll be so difficult to return to where she once was... She just needs to wait for a miracle to make that happen again. 

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