Nov 10, 2010

I do actually have another blog.

Yes, I know, there's my former news that I already have my JUGEM

account. But JUGEM's just my 2nd option so I dropped it after getting

bored and now that I've reactivated my AMEBLO, I just want to share

all about it especially the fact that it'll be my PERSONAL JOURNAL

so no posting of pictures that aren't mine.

Now that I have my other blog, there'll be no more updates about my

real life here so more on ANIME, JPOP, MANGA, and SEIYUU

related stuffs only here FROM NOW ON.

I will not delete my former posts here since it'll be a  pain in

the ass to do let's just keep that and leave it saved.

By the way if you're interested to check it out here's the link

to my AMEBLO.

Feel free to drop comments again. :3

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