Jan 28, 2016

What a very uncommon way to welcome my blog for 2016

I do not wish to put this up for posting, but I have to find a way to let everything out.

I've seen a certain talk (forgot what the title is and the speaker's name) about how online folks can ruin a person's life.

(Only read the next part if you are only interested, this is just my ramblings anyway. ww)


I wonder why people turn to be like that. Instead of using their precious time making themselves productive, they just talk about other people's negative sides as if they do not have one, worse, that conduct itself is already one of their bad parts.

If they love expressing themselves, then why not use their words to motivate other people instead of bringing them down?

If they love being up-to-date with the current news (more like ugly gossip), why not uplift that person? Not drag him/her more than where he/she already is at.

Paradoxical people.

I am also part of those 'people', but it really is wrong to hate each other. Though, there are still some hateful things people do, it cannot be helped, we just need to point that out and help build each other for better.

People tell you to be yourself, but when you act like one with your heart's content, they judge you telling to be like this or that. lolwut people! www

At this time I want to have a very big deep sigh and tell myself that, "I wanna leave reality asap and bring my whole being to the cyber world because you can instantly evade all problems there by being anonymous".

But as I look at my life at the past, I can tell myself that I've made myself stronger, I don't easily get worried unlike before. If I gave up long time ago, I will never reach this enjoyment in living. More people experience worse than I've had, but they are still fighting.

Thumbs up to my koibito who never leaves me whenever I feel like this. www (please ignore Mitty because I really like her studying habit that I ended up posing like her just for this post)


More to anticipate for the whole 2016 and the coming years!

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