Sep 14, 2010

Not that a big news

I've just decided to upload multiple files by the next time I've cleared my schedule.

I'm sorta busy these days because of the random activities piling up 

leaving me no spare moment to enjoy blogging.

Of course, it'll be mostly...

or shall I say, ALL OF THEM are seiyuu-related songs. 

I'm just happy that I've finally downloaded the albums/singles that I've been 

itching to download.

One thing I've learned today is...

[Okay, well sorry for being really OUTDATED]

Toshikawa Moriyuki's version of Love me Tender is ultra cool. 

I'll definitely definitely make those who aren't aware of his version

listen to it.

It's from KYOU KARA MAOU!'s character songs. 

So please please, help me wish that I can make it by the next 2 weeks. 

It's hard to find songs that are not that popular so those who are really 

seiyuu fans just like me who are not that good in reading Japanese text,

I'm here to support you. I've also started from that stage.

Sore ja~

Sis's here now. Gotta escape from her vine whip.

*just kidding*

See yah.

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