Sep 18, 2010

EXAMS OVER -- Version 2

[I know I know I know....] -- Maybe I can't goodbye - Hirano Aya

Ahahaha, since I am currently listening to it...

Anyway, the 2nd Monthly Examinations are finally over. 

This time..the hardest is, I think, Chemistry.

I am not present the time they're discussing about most of the lessons

that appeared in the exams so I am at lost by that moment.

I think I performed well in most of the exams though.

Then in PE, some of the questions are based from their lesson LAST YEAR

and I am a TRANSFER STUDENT so I am really clueless there.

Spare that part. 

We went to mall after the exams too and their banged our heads. 

Later I will go to my classmates' houses to do our project.

So I still don't have any time to rest after all.

Too busy but this is the easiest way to enjoy my last 2 years of 


See you next post. 

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