Dec 17, 2011

Arata I love you!

Even though Arata is far from Chihaya, I know. I know.


He definitely cares for Chihaya Ayase more than you could imagine.

This photo is from the latest aired episode of the series Chihaya Furu.

(For those who still wasn't able to even see the first episode, you must try.
This one is my most recommended anime nowadays..
Maybe the runner-ups include Mirai Nikki..)

Cutting that part.

I am totally into him at the moment.
I am waiting for the episode where they will meet again each other.

I sort of have the thought of seeing them while the team of CHIHAYA is having their match in the Nationals.
So true. So true.

I can't bear to see Mashima Taichi's face so jealous than ever.
Who could've imagined that an elementary student told his rival how great his affection towards Chihaya is. 
Well, a point for Mashima for the bravery.

I am whole-heartedly professing my love towards WATAYA ARATA now but I know Ayase and he will both end up with each other. I wonder if there'll be a new character for Taichi. But considering the fact that Taichi is really great in a lot of things plus his superb brain and looks, I doubt there'll be no person who would not fall for him that easily.

Why am I talking about Taichi now?
I am more into Arata right?

Oh no!

But both guys have their strength and weak points.
Let's just see who will Chihaya-chan pick.

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