Dec 27, 2011

Well, continuation...

"Saa Meshiagare" -- is what it says. 
I like the visual novel-ish idea applied here but I can't really see the food quite well. 
Is is a chocolate cake or something? That I do not know. 

Definitely A GUY'S ROOM!
If this is for couple.. why are there tons of ero-poi stuffs? 

LOL, let the otaku be. It's his room after all. 
I am just a timid-type shoujo otaku. LOLWHUT?

KAWAII!!! (Cute!!!)

tte, KOWAI! (No, Scary!)

I don't know if the one drawn will still slay the chicken or not. LOL
But good. good!
I just can't see the Christmas in this image.

I want to eat the cake! LOL
What is the drink? Milk or something? (Since there's a huge thin sheet of something on top)
I dunno if the girl in the screen is giving some food or something.

But, CHRISTMAS is obvious here! YEAH!

This is really ASTONISHING!!

10 stars to this!

Even though this is supposed to be a Christmas celebration I just can't understand why there's the blushing effect on the screen? LOL
But this made me burst laughing. 

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