Dec 27, 2011

Unique Way of Celebrating Christmas A LA OTAKU

So while browsing Anime News Network [I think citation is needed] some really caught my attention.
Maybe will at least post 5 images with my comments for each at the end.

While doing backward links clicking.. the first one that got me is this:

Maybe he/she (whoever did this) intended to show the Crucifixion or something..

but this is suppose to be Christmas right? The birth of Christ? OH NO!! *Freaks out*

Well, this one is really good. I mean for me, everything's arranged just for the occasion. <3

Made for couple -- YES

Considering the fact that this is for couple the theme is kinda messed up making the MALE side of this concept prevail.

Kinda gothic and romantic. The cake is truly loved by me. I don't take alcoholic beverages though. 
Love it! though too much darkness. 

Now this one's festive. The mere fact that the one who made this added the screen shot of an anime character giving food. :">

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