Apr 7, 2012

Hello April!

I was supposed to post something for April 1 -- for April Fools Day but...
I got piles of work to do that time, so I was awfully fooled out.

Now, as promised in my Twitter account, I got to renew my blog theme. 

Yes, I think my banner is pretty lame. Let me change it later on.

But I hope the photo of Fukuyama Jun at the left is a good welcome to the readers.
I really love this guy. Great seiyuu ever existing. 

Thank you for continuously reading my updates. 

Now that my lay-outing project has been finished, I will post a lot during my 2 month vacation.

OH WELL. I will be entering college at June. Congratulations to me. <3

I still can't believe it actually. Anyways, prepare for my next posts. 

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