Apr 29, 2012

TOp 20 Total Sales in 2011 Seiyuu

Taken the news from Ota-suke.jp

It's the undefeated Mizuki Nana who tops the chart! She got a whooping 1,192.9 Billion Yen Sales!!

Next to her is Sphere (which is previously at the 3rd spot) with 422.3 Million Sales.

Third place now, Yukari Tamura (formerly in the 2nd place) with 173.1 Million Sales.

The rest are:

4. Toyosaki Aki
5. Hirano Aya
6. Chihara Minori
7. Miyano Mamoru
8. Kuribayashi Minami
9. Kamiya Hiroshi
10. Hayashibara Megumi

12. Horie Yui
13. Suzumura Kenichi

Those that are familiar to me are Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke at 16th; Ono Daisuke at 17th; Nakajima Megumi at 18th; G-Addict at 19th.

I can't read those that are in the 14, 15, and 20. 

Sorry. Gomen nasai. m(_ _)m

Hope you can correct this post if there were any mistakes. Thank you!

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