Mar 9, 2013

Experienced something great today!

Wasn't able to wake up at 12:00 am. 
I seriously cursed myself for not being able to be moved by my 4 alarm times.

Woke up at 4:30 am.
Had to look for my lecture in Biology (since they are just hand-outs), and found 'em under the bed. 
Yes, I am very messy.
Reviewed while eating double cheeseburger. 
Wasn't able to memorize everything, at least I've learned almost 80% from it.

Went to school early. 
Before 6:45 I was already in the school.
Asked my classmate to do the waiver for the seminar we administered. 
Managed to finish the encoding of the waivers.

Psychology class, our assignment/quiz/activity was checked by our professor.
Lecture, then... discussion.

Biology class, continued our lecture then had a 30-item quiz.
Another continuation of the lecture then had another set of hand-outs to be studied before the final exams come.

Prepared for the seminar we're going to have.
We arrived there without participants. Yes, I know. It annoyed me. 
I was so shamed. The speaker was waiting for participants. We made him wait for an hour just for us to look for audience. Isn't that, great? lol

I won't elaborate it much since I want to forget about it. 

After that, we had a 


What comprise that open forum?


The secretary of the barangay made palm reading to most of us. 
He is extremely amazing.

What did he tell about me?
1. I eat too much. If I want to live longer, I should lessen my food intake. (wwwwww) -- TRUE
2. My eyeglasses are not perfect for me anymore. I usually complain to have its lenses changed. -- TRUE
3. My love life is really... not good. XD 
4. I will be a citizen of a big country. I will be prosperous there. 

Anyway, that boosted my emotions. I am filled with confidence now and it really motivate me to proceed to my school works with excellence. 

Note: I wonder if the country the number 4 statement is referring to is UAE or Japan. Hmmm...

After some of my classmates' future were foretold, we had a ghost story telling.

We stopped the conversation when there are 3 ghosts (according to the speaker) inside the room. 
I asked the speaker to switch on the lights (so my classmates won't be afraid anymore. Does it include me? XD)

Can't put everything in detail here. 
Just that, I really really really enjoyed the evening activities. They were the exact opposite when the sponsored event started and finished. 

Sore jaa.



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