Apr 20, 2013


What is wrong with me?

My mood swing uproar has heightened tonight. Is this one of the things I will get after watching Fairy Tail?

Last night, while watching Fairy Tail, I happen to notice an abnormality in my body again. Told my mom about it, hoping I won’t have surgery because of that. *crossfingers*

Ooh, by the way, I woke up at 12:00 nn. That’s pretty early than my usual. I continued my Fairy Tail marathon and managed to finish watching it until Ep 175! YEY! Natsu was extremely powerful in that episode, good thing I did not belittle him.

This afternoon, I did test myself if I do type fast. Got 85-87 words per minute as my score, can we really consider that as score? Lol It’s above average according to some, but I think I have long way to go. I have to improve.

Watched the latest episode of Chihayafuru 2 also, can’t wait for Arata Wataya to see Ayase Chihaya. There’s no way I will let Mashima have Chihaya for himself. *evil laugh*

               Come to think of it, my foul, evil thoughts are prevailing again. I thought this nightmare will end once I am in college, yet I am acting like this again. Is there any other way to stop myself from being such a retard? I want to be a retard in a good way, but I might hurt others verbally because of my useless mood swing. I should not be acting like this, really. How can I cease this? TELL ME?

                So now, I am printing papers for my sister… it is actually almost a thousand-page paperwork but I have no other choice but to do this, I am just having a peaceful time after all. I am in the middle of contemplation if I should start studying again or continue my plan to watch Gintama. I think I will prefer the latter… but it is also possible if I set schedule for viewing and get my time plan for my studying. I cannot afford to waste even an hour of my precious vacation without letting my brain work!

                Due to my actions, I kinda remember how they compare me with Mizutani Shizuku’s method of studying. Unlike her, I am really not good in mathematics; I just spend ample time to master it. I usually eat English words and study grammar because it is more fun. Come to think of it, why are other people using the word “funner” instead of “more fun”? Of course “funnier” is different from “more fun”. Gaaaah, my state of mind is being blown away again.  

                I have a lot of things in my “to-do” list. I just do not know how to start. If I keep myself from being lazy, I might be like this until the school year starts again, and that is unacceptable.

                I still think that I am not good enough. Here I am being so sulky again, even though others say I am good already, I still feel that I can give better, I can perform better. So I am reinventing my thoughts for a moment and it ruined my mood. WORST EVER.

                I had only 3 mugs of coffee so far for today, I should have additional so it can lessen my rubbish ranting and make myself more productive. I am still wavering. I shouldn’t be over thinking things but if I do not, I might underestimate what will happen soon. See, I am doing it again.

                If it is only possible to merge the fictional world and reality according my will… in the end, I won’t be happy for such dream will not be reachable. à eew, so poetical, I can even add it in the Karuta cards.

                Speaking of Karuta, I am longing for more episodes of Uta Koi. //end of commercial

                I think this entry will be longer than projected, guess I should start another so it will be easier to read (for the thoughts are well-chopped). XD

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