Apr 13, 2013

For Today's Rants

Really, people, what is going on with me?
Slept late.
Woke up late.
Yep, around 1:00 pm it is.
Ate brunch then started watching Fairy Tail.
Anyway, I am progressing.
My nee-san and I also watched the latest episode of Chihayafuru and...
Again with this megane attachment... wwwww
BUT THISSS!!! >/////<
So while watching Fairy Tail, I have decided to read various seiyuu news.
Since Hirano Aya is in Fairy Tail as Lucy Heartfilia, I browsed some articles related to her.
Flashbacks entered in my brain. The way she did to her 3 out of 4 band members she had been during her tour was so gruesome. The 2ch folks are really good in finding fresh news about their moto(ex)-idol... Somehow I feel sorry for Hirano-san (Guess it can be seen since I am still using her image for my profile photo here in Blogger). She also had this fuss that it is because of her agency that's why she became like that. There's this issue about the almost-abduction of her by a taxi driver. Dunno if I can buy that story. I mean, I am kind of biased here. I can get the fans' point of view. I was also a fan of her. Even supported her because of her lively Suzumiya Haruhi, Izumi Konata, and even Reira from Trapnest roles, even now, with her Lucy Heartfilia character. There's no question about her talent, nothing at all. She's good at singing and she's also good in voice acting. But whatever I say, it is still the personality of a person that counts.
She knows that her fans will react like that. It is a no-no for idols to have a relationship, worse, get married if the fans do not support it. Well, if you are really devoted to your partner, then might as well give up your entire career and face the life you chose. Too bad for her... end of the road. Gotta miss her in the seiyuu industry. *sobs*
Then, another news I got out of the box is the stalking of various fujoshi... what appealed to me the most is the blog post of Tachibana Shinnosuke-sama~~ saying that he does not like people waiting for him every time he goes in and out of the studio (did I hit the word right?)... YEAH! I FEEL YOU! IT IS CREEPY.
So, I am just wondering... If I am currently living in Japan, will I act like that?
My answer?
No, of course. I do adore seiyuus. I REALLY REALLY DO! But, I won't go to that extent. They have events, they have concerts, they have anime shows, they have CDs. What more can you ask for? People can send fan letters, sometimes they can mention 'em thru Twitter.
Sou ie ba...
I want to meet them soon. T___T I want to.
Anyway, end of ranting and will return watching. Have to catch up few more episodes before Fairy Tail start airing new episodes soon.
Sorry for my messed up grammar. My thoughts are flying again tonight. wwwwww

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