Oct 19, 2015

From April to October?!


I really need to talk about a lot of things, but it's really difficult to collect all the episodes of my life from April up to early October.

I was half-busy, half-lazy these months.

I am very much active in Twitter now, but blogging is still different than tweeting. (yep, definitely because of the archives)
I still have one semester left before graduating college. I dunno what being a graduate feels like, but I am sure it will be another challenging part of my life. (what? i just sounded like a celeb there ww)I AM GOING TO GIVE MY BEST!!

Anyway, I've been reading a lot of shojo mangas recently (I meant from the start of the 1st term). I am so attracted to the wonderful illustrations of them. I am so envious of them, why can't I draw something like that? wwwww

What should I talk about??

About the anime I've watched? About the manga I read?

I will just post them in my next entries since it really is so hard recalling everything in a whim. I don't even know why I suddenly felt like posting tonight.

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