Jan 29, 2013

Knowledge = Accuracy + Grammar Correctness = Technical Writing


This is my essay in my English exam 4 hours ago. I don't know but I feel like posting this here. 


Knowledge Error!
   Grammatical Correctness : not met
   Accuracy : Failed

  Have you ever tried searching for a certain topic and was able to connect all the ideas together? Technical writing is like that. It is about scientific subjects created with extreme care to convey information accurately and concisely with unity.

   Accuracy is crucial in this type of writing, one small mistake made might ruin everything. The incorrectness can also affect the dignity of the writer's name to the readers. For an instance, multiple inconsistencies in numerical values will lessen the credibility of a report.

   Grammatical correctness influences the flow of report. If one used an inappropriate word in a sentence, it may confuse the audience. Usually, prepositions that are used not accordingly disrupt the success of a project. For example, laboratory manuals with erroneous grammar will bring something unexpected. 

   Sufficient amount of knowledge gives weight to the writing. If the information is too minimal, it might lessen the output being shared to the readers. If the data is too much, it might involve various unrelated ideas that may mix up to the topic you were trying to discuss. 

   All in all, we can conclude that if there is accuracy and grammar correctness, then the amount of knowledge transferred is good. Knowledge is needed in technical writing. Thus, we can have the equations:

Accuracy + Grammar Correctness = Knowledge
Knowledge = Technical Writing
Knowledge = Accuracy + Grammar Correctness = Technical Writing

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