Jan 2, 2013


Happy new year, guys!

2013 already?

OP Song: 18 -- Galileo Galilei

I can't believe that this blog is 3 years already! 
Yey! *crowd cheers*

From a confined girl because of her illness (Early 2010)
To a 3rd year high school student (Jun 2010 - Mar 2011)
To a 4th year high school student (Jun 2011 - Mar 2012)
To a 1st year college student (Jun 2012 - Present)

I am also 18 years old now. The OP song is meant to be. 
I've really changed. How? If you actually read my first posts, there are plenty of grammatical errors. lol
The way I typed my entries changed. I tried various designs in this blog site. I almost let go of blogging because I became really busy. There was a time that I only managed to have 1 post in a month because of my hectic schedule. 

Oh well, I am still busy, but I am giving my best to search for a good time to post. 
Vacation will be over in 3 days (including now). I will surely be absent for 2 weeks or more. Requirements and exams are approaching very soon. I need to maintain my grades, better if I excel more. Being a college student sure is harder than high school. 

If I hadn't started this blog, I wonder what will happen to me? I wonder if I'll be able to express myself more (Twitter excluded). I was a very shy creature in the internet world the first time I signed up for social networking sites. I never intend to get myself addicted to social networks, but as time goes by, I got glued. There are pros and cons to my addiction too, but I always look at the bright side. Golly, I am really turning to a emo machine now with all this ranting. 

I am still studying Japanese language. Unlike before, I have longer time, even whole week or month to study writing and reading, now I am squeezing it in my schedule. I hope our state university will open that subject to us (because I only want to). lol I think my JLPT dream is moving farther and farther, but *slaps face* I need to focus with my subjects first. I will have formal Japanese lessons when I am earning by my own. 

Suddenly remembered those days when I was so into Prince of Tennis. Actually, because of that series my blog reached 60+ posts per month (well, I have all the time to stay in front of my laptop). I will never even be interested in male seiyuu without that anime. I met internet friends too, sharing the same interests. Prince of Tennis was mainstream during that time because it was still updating...and Konomi-sensei was just planning to have Shin TeniPri. Gaaaah---!! I am already reminiscing. I don't know if I should be happy that this site aged again or I shouldn't because I sound like a grandmother telling stories from her past to her grandchildren. wwwww

Oh well, I better return to what I was doing. What was I doing? I am lying down finding my perfect mood to start my compilation work due next week. I don't like cramming, unlike before. Whenever I procrastinate it feels like all my brain cells leave me, they are pretty rude. I don't know if I am like Mizutani Shizuku towards studying, but I am not that 24/7 thinking about my math... I, kinda, well. I am not really good in maths, but I AM TRYING! I have to. My course is 1/3 related to math. *facepalms* WHY? 

I still don't want to end this entry...but...I really need to polish everything. I need to motivate myself now, it's the start of the year after all. 

Sorry for this short post. 

Have a good year!
2013 desu.

ED Song: Pegasus Fantasy -- Sadie

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