Dec 28, 2012

2012 Anime Adventure -- Kaede Saionji Year End Wrap-up

Winter 2012

This season's around my  final semester in my high school  life. Kinda busy since I was a  graduating student that time...  STILL, managed to watch plenty of  anime to enjoy my remaining days as  a high school student. 

> Amagami SS Plus

Because I watched the first season,  there's no escape. I enjoyed  watching this series at the same  time compared the storyline from  the previous season. Oh well, I  just didn't enjoy Nanasaki Ai's  route. 

> Another

I am a fan of gore/morbid anime...  and movies. I did like this too and  recommended to many friends. I  can't help it. The blood from Ghost  hunt wasn't enough to ease my  thirst to gore scenes. lol I just  want mystery/horror anime. 

> Inu X Boku SS

This gave me the lightest mood  ever. I remember those days when I  have to check for episode updates  of Chihayafuru and Inu X Boku SS on  the same day. lol

> Ano Natsu de Matteru

I really didn't watch this series  right away. I watched this after  the whole season has ended  actually. I just downloaded the  episodes then watched it the whole  day during vacation. It's quite an  interesting love story, just remove  the fanservice. 

> Brave 10*

Didn't manage to finish this anime  though. I forgot to finish watching  it since I was also occupied with  various works before I can finally  graduate. When I had time, I also  forgot to add it to my must-finish  list. The art captured me. The  seiyuu list is awesome. It's just  that, the plot is not that powerful  for me. Yeah. Okay.

> Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama

Of course, I will never let this  series slip away from me. This was  only about 12 or 13 episode, I  can't remember well. But this  season is very short. I wasn't able  to follow the manga these days so I  dunno if Konomi-sensei is still  having plans for another part of  this anime. Hoping here. I want  more Ono Daisuke.

> Recorder to Randsell

All of a sudden, I watched this  5-minute per episode anime. I was  sick by the time I've decided to  see this. The problem is kinda cute  and I can't imagine Okiayu  Ryotaro's voice acting a character  of that age. lol I really  appreciated this. 

> Senhime Zesshou Symphogear

BECAUSE OF MIZUKI NANA, THIS CAUGHT  MY ATTENTION. With Symphogear as  the OP song, I wasn't able to  escape from the poison sting of  this anime. I wasn't able to finish  this too though, but I am still  planning. What reason? Same with my  excuse with Brave 10's unfinished  business. 

> Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai*

Do I have to add this? Actually,  all I've ever seen was the 1st  episode. After that I dropped this  series. For those who enjoyed this,  should I still give it a try? 

> Moretsu Uchuu Kaizoku*

This one too, I wasn't able to  continue watching this because my  schedule is jump-packed. I had to  drop few titles and this one became  a victim. I watched this until  episode 3 or 4 because Hanazawa  Kana is in this series. wwww

> Area no Kishi*

I don't really like sports anime,  unless they are tennis or  basketball related... Fukuyama  Jun's here so I tried to watch this  , but in the end, I really can't  bring myself to like this. Sorry. 

> Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou*

A bunch of guys enjoying their  everyday lives, just like what was  stated in the title. This is pure  randomness but I enjoyed every bit  of this. The scene that is etched  on my mind is the part where  Tomokazu Sugita's character did a  radio show inside a room. That was  really hilarious. 

Spring 2012


> Fate/Zero*

I dropped this series after  watching 3 episodes. Why? I got  bored... I will give it a shot  another time soon... I don't know  how soon it'll be but I can't help  but compare it with Fate/Stay  Night. The only thing that I got  from this series is the OP song,  from LiSA, oath sign. 

> Medaka Box*

Medaka Box. Yes. I was surprised  with how Toyosaki Aki acted out as  Medaka. I can't believe she can do  such voice acting. Plenty of  fanservice, but again, I dropped  this after episode 8 because... my  hands are just filled with other  anime. Might finish this AGAIN some  other time. It has 2nd season too  so it'll take more time from me. 

> Accel World

This series survived on my list.  The songs are so superb that I  inclined myself to the ED1 by  KOTOKO titled unfinished. I don't  usually watch mecha but this caught  me off guard. Good art and  storyline too.  

> Hiiro no Kakera

So into REVERSE HAREM. I am an  otome too, what do you expect from  me? But I thought that this season  was slow-paced...but I had to  finish it. I waited for a second  season and succeeded. The seiyuu  list is not that powerhouse  compared to La Corda, Hakuouki,  etc... the remarkable ones are  Sugita Tomokazu, Namikawa Daisuke,  Hirakawa Daisuke, and Miyata Kouki. 

> Kuroko no Basuke

THESE ARE MY GUYS. I just clicked  this series randomly without  reading the title. When the OP song  was played, I realized it was from  GRANRODEO. I liked the first  episode and the song...Then I got  addicted to it. END OF EXPLANATION.

> Saint Seiya Omega*

I just wanted to experience  watching the all new Saint Seiya.  Dropped this too at episode 5 since  I was too lazy updating myself from  tons of anime. Nakagawa Shoko acted  here too. Midorikawa Hikaru got the  lead role but I don't like him  doing such roles, I want him to be  more of Seiran, Migeira, Rukawa  Kaede-like. lol

> Acchi Kocchi

Watched this after all the episodes  was aired. I really love IO!  Tsumiki is so lucky. <3 a="a" another="another" appears="appears" bias="bias" blue="blue" factor="factor" font="font" gentleman="gentleman" in="in" io.="io." is="is" moon.="moon." nbsp="nbsp" obuhiko="obuhiko" okamoto="okamoto" once="once" such="such" that="that" voiced="voiced">

> Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan*

Dropped this after episode 2. Why?  I just don't want fantasies from  breads. I thought I can love this  just like my fascination in  Yakitate! Japan, but nah. 

> Hyouka*

They told me this is a good anime.  I was too lazy to finish this so I  dropped this after episode 15. I  can't find anything really  interesting as the series goes  on...but maybe I will still give it  a shot if I have plenty of time. 

> Nazo no Kanojo X*

Found Miyu Irino's name, instantly  watched this to see for myself what  this is all about. The title's  kinda weird too... I didn't have  any choice but to watch it. DROPPED  IT IMMEDIATELY AFTER EPISODE 1.  Don't ask me why. It's pure...eew,  gross, it's not PURE at all. >__<

> Lupin III: Mine Fujiko to Iu  Onna*

THIS IS NOT PURE TOO. The original  Lupin is still better, after all  this is only centered to  Fujiko-san. DROPPED IMMEDIATELY  AFTER FEW MINUTES OF WATCHING IT.  Take note, MINUTES.

> Sankarea*

I wasn't able to finish this too. I  am really not fond of anime love  stories with male protagonist...oh  wait, the topic of this series is  Rea Sanka... but no, the lead role  is for a man. Hmmm... let it be.  Whoever the protagonist is, I  dropped this. 

> Zetman*

ZETTO ZETTO ZETTO MAN. LOL for  using Jetman's OP. 

I got interested to this series but  by the time I've decided to watch  this at school during my break from  editing the articles, my teacher  told me, the art looks demonic so I  dropped this. I am a good student.  *pats myself* wwwwww

> Dusk maiden of Amnesia*

I seriously thought this is like  Another... Another Another, but NO.  I was disappointed not to see any  blood from the first episode so I  immediately dropped this. What a  lame reason it is, right? I might  watch this again soon. 

Summer 2012

Officially a college  student during this season so the  number of titles I watched  decreased drastically. 

> Sword Art Online

I went "OMDSAFDS! WHAT IS THIS?  THIS LOOKS INTERESTING." Watched  this then time went so fast. "Will  continue watching this." That's it.  That explained everything. 

> La storia della Arcana Famiglia

Another reverse harem. Was so happy  because the seiyuu list is OWZUM  too. Fukuyama Jun and Tsubasa  Yonaga got the two big roles.  Mamiko Noto did the voicing for  Felicita. The remaining characters  were given to Hiroyuki Yoshino,  Sugita Tomokazu, Koji Yusa, and  Nakamura Yuuichi. With Yakuza  theme, I just drove myself insane  with every episode...favorite one?  Perhaps it's when Debito did  something naughty. Hihihi. 

> Hakuouki: Reimei-roku*

Pretty disappointed. Just when I  started to like Chizuru...she  disappeared in this series. I want  her back. Another guy did appear, a  character by Tomokazu Seki...but no  Chizuru. What's the point? T___T 

> Natsuyuki Rendezvous*

Good anime. Good anime. Ohara  Sayaka got the female lead. This  was a bit out of this world though.  Fukuyama Jun and Nakamura Yuuichi  got the two male roles. I wasn't  able to watch the last 2 episodes  because I forgot. WATASHI WA BAKA  NAN DESU KEDO. I will add that to  my must-watch list later. But this  is really a highly recommended one. 

> Binbougami ga!*

I wasn't able to finish this too.  Out of the blue, I clicked random  new anime titles then I stumbled  upon this. Interesting one. I just  forgot to continue watching this  because...I was so lazy to do so.  lol I dunno if I stopped watching  this at episode 4 or 5. 

> Chouyaku Hyakunin Isshu: Uta koi*

I liked Chihayafuru, then this  anime show appeared. This gave me a  cool background behind those cards  they were playing. The seiyuu list  is great. Suwabe Junichi got the  playboy character again (which  reminded me of Jinguji Ren from Uta  no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000%).  

Fall 2012

Oh yeah, Fall. The start of my  second semester. Amazingly, the  number of titles is higher compared  to last season's. 

> Zetsuen no Tempest

The title sounded cool so I tried  the first episode... paused at 2nd  then continued it after 8 episodes.  It's good, but it's not that  recommendable. 

> K*

With the seiyuu list, I was  absorbed by this anime...but the  problem is, I am not that updated  nowadays. Why? There was a time  when I was watching this at my  former school, the children were  surrounding me, Neko appeared, I  can't help but shut down my laptop  because they will consider me as a  weird human...I will catch up soon.  Just not now. 

> Magi

VIP by SID as the OP theme...Kaji  Yuuki and Tomatsu Haruka in it. Few  more wonderful seiyuus in it... a  little more sprinkle of a good  adventure story...what do we have?  MAGI. This is really a good one.  People of all ages can watch this. 

> Suki tte ii na yo

ROMANCE. ROMANCE. The only annoying  episodes are episode 2 and 3. I  kinda remembered Bokura Ga Ita from  this. The art is good. The OP song  is...uh...the ED song is <3 acted="acted" ai="ai" akahiro="akahiro" and="and" couple.="couple." font="font" kayano="kayano" nbsp="nbsp" sakurai="sakurai" the="the">

> Bakuman 3. 

One of my favorite series got to  have 3rd season. The progress of  Mashiro and Azuki Miho's love story  and careers go on. Another problem  was raised, an opponent who's about  to have a match with PCP appeared.  How will the story of continue? (I  didn't read the manga so I am  thrilled with this).

> Code:Breaker

I felt that this one's a reverse  harem but it's not. lol Sakurakouji  Sakura is like Mikan Sakura from  Gakuen Alice, having a nullifying  ability, she'll have an adventure  with the other Code Breakers who  each has his own special ability.  Code 06, Ogami Rei became  Sakurakouji's classmate and just  like Rin Okumura, can use blue the same time also  voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto. 

> Hiiro no Kakera Dai-ni-Shou

The answer to all the questions I  had in the previous season. I  prefer the songs of this season  compared to the first one. I prefer  the way the story paced in this  season too. I LOVE TAKUMA. With  those sweet words from a TSUN  TAKUMA, what do you expect will  happen to me? lol If you'll read my  previous posts, most of 'em are  linked to this season of Hiiro. 

> Kamisama Hajimemashita


You see
I'd like to be a naughty girl
I'm tired of being good
So, please
It's for a good reason
So let me be bad for once 

Lyrics taken from

A human falling in love with a wolf. She then turned to an earth deity...why did I start watching this? BECAUSE IT IS A FREAKIN' ROMANCE ANIME. Tachibana Shinnosuke voiced Tomoe (wolf)... I don't want him to be another InuYasha, good thing he didn't. The setting is very light but I enjoy every episode of this. Too bad it has come to its end. Wishing for a second season. 

> Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

MY FAVORITE ANIME THIS SEASON. Tomatsu Haruka and Tatsuhisa Suzuki made the characters alive. Romance and comedy, this never failed to amuse me. The affection of Haru for Shizuku was present without any fanservice. Though Haru became a bit sneaky in few episodes, he really cares for Shizuku. Aaaah. How I wish this one will have a second season too.

That's it. 
That wraps up the anime series aired this year that I've watched. There were few old animes that I watched this year, forgot what those were but I hope there'll be more good animes next year. Amnesia and Chihayafuru are on my list for the next season. Kuroko no Basuke and Uta no Prince Maji Love 2000% on the following season. 

Sorry for the long post. 
Almost good bye 2012.  

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