Dec 4, 2012

Today is today

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What's up with that "NowPlaying" line above? LOL I just dunno how to start this post. 

Oh well. 

Sudden change of sfx for me: Break It by Namie Amuro

This was an almost perfect day for me.

So, I woke up at 7 am. Yey! But my classes start at 2:00 pm.
Then I rolled around the bed for 20 minutes while tweeting through phone. 
Good child.
Good child.
Then had my breakfast for 30 minutes while watching Hiiro no Kakera Dai Ni Shou EP 02.
It took me forever before I finish watching Hiiro no Kakera because I was chatting while doing my assignment. After watching the episode, I had difficulty formulating sentences. My brain wasn't functioning well that time. It wasn't possessed that moment. Still I forced myself. Even though my original plan was to use 10 weird words... the instructions given to us was to only have 5 examples. Lucky for me that I can confirm it to my classmates. Typed my answers then watched Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun's latest episode (Episode 10). I don't want spoilers. I don't want spoilers. LOL

Then, did my routine before going to school.

Arrived at 1:10 pm. Met my classmates along the way. Asked them to come with me to the main building so I can submit my form. Goal reached! 

Returned to our building. It started to rain. We're still waiting for our professor so... it took almost 30 minutes of our life. 

Filipino subject starts. 

Sort of discussion to refresh our lessons when we were in our first or second year high school. (That was about 4-5 years ago for me). Then a set of readings to be analyzed were given to us. It was then checked. Got 93 out of 100. Yatta! Arigatou Kamisama! I was holding onto a rosary while answering the test and while checking the test.

Reports for the next few weeks were distributed. A plus for me since my friends are my groupmates. 

Then followed my prof to the faculty since she asked me an errand (class representative matters again). I saw my professor in English last semester. I kinda miss the way she taught us. 


Ate rice with my friends. Became so hungry after all those readings. We just toyed around. Don't forget the horse-playing of my pals. wwwww


I decided to discuss things about the soon-to-be-held Field Training Exercise to some of my classmates. Talked about the upcoming Christmas party too, but we weren't able to finish it because our professor in English arrived.

English time.

Discussed our assignment. (The one I polished this morning) The lucky word I've chosen to present is "poignant". Covered the contents of our syllabus. Asked us if we want to be paired or act individually in our report. I don't know what to do. I went solo. I DIDN'T INTEND TO THAT. Oh well, this became my fate. I got to choose the easiest topic (according to our prof), but I've forgotten all our topics in Technical Writing back then. Precious high school memories. *laughs insanely*

We're asked to draw something about a certain characteristic. I was given the term "unity". To my surprise, when each pair/individual were/was asked to expound the word given to them one of my classmate got the same term as mine. I didn't get to stand up in front of them. 

When everyone's preparing home. I confronted my professor and said "sorry". The reason why I apologized in this link. 


Night time. I coughed continuously. It really hurt. All I can do that time was to have another piece of lozenge. I am very blessed to have thoughtful and trustworthy friends. They walked with me. Some even sent me home. I am so grateful. 

Now I am a bit fine. I have to review for our accounting quiz tomorrow. It's already 10 pm. I want to eat dinner. Our classes will start at 7 am tomorrow. I wish I can still survive. BUT I CAN! DON'T SAY NO!

Closing song: Let's Go -- Namie Amuro (Uncontrolled)

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