Dec 6, 2012


Aaaah. I remember my last night's rants. I really had a switch of mood because of the words engraved to my mind. I can't help it. I can't prevent my brain from functioning, if I can, why would I?

Sometimes my imaginations fly too far. There pluses and minuses to that. The only thing I can do is to focus more on adding more plus, right?

Report for the day.

So, instead of waking up waaaaay earlier than what I planned, I rose at 9:00 am. At least I didn't wake up at afternoon. I had my breakfast, cheese roll and normal coffee. I watched 2 episodes of Hiiro no Kakera and I was seeing myself in the position of Tamaki because of what I was feeling...

Yes, I wanted to burst crying this morning... but, nah... I hate dramas. So, I continued watching. Did errands, and ate lunch with my aunt.

After lunch, I gulped ultra cold soft drink even though I am coughing. lol I did some of the assigned tasks to me. SUCCESS RATE = 100% So happy. Printed all the things to be printed. 

What are those printed materials?
1.) My sister asked me to print her lectures. (Check)
2.) My aunt asked me to print my cousin name labels (Check)
3.) The assigned fill-out forms for our NSTP. (Check)
4.) My childhood to high school pictures (Check)

I am really blessed to have such lovable printer. THANK YOU PARENTS. 

Rushed to my room again (since I can't make contact with my little cousin. I don't want to let her have my disease). Started doing my notes in Filipino too. I want to answer math problems, do an essay, and polish my notes in Psychology but it seems like I don't have plenty of time left. That's why, I will just push through continuing my Filipino notebook until I fell asleep. I have classes tomorrow too, so... I don't think I am really going to sleep early. I need to be more productive.

My sister forced me to watch Kamisama Hajimemashita's latest episode with her (but already watched it without subtitles). We thought that the subbed version isn't uploaded yet that's why we were both surprised after learning that it has English words below. wwwww Then ate dinner. Talked with my siblings and mom. Continued writing. Talked with my father. We watched CODE:BREAKER's latest episode too. Oh sisterly bonding thru anime is love.

Speaking of my father... he sent us jackets. I got an apple green colored one with a huge logo of Adidas at the upper left part of the jacket. I really don't like flashy designs that's why I chose that one.

Those are the things that happened today. Boring but productive. I feel so happy. I need to continue this pace up. 

Closing screencaps from Tamaki's girly adventure:

9 more school days and 1 day for Christmas Party before I can finally call it vacation. 

I want to be happy. Happy I want. Happier! Happiest!

PS. My hands are still aching. Too much force used yesterday from all those playing. lol At least I enjoyed it. 

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