Dec 7, 2012

Drum mania

GAAAH. So addicted to Drum mania (though I am so outdated)

Today is a half-bad and half-good day. 

Woke up late... 30 minutes before my first class started. Good thing I moved fast. My prof was a bit late too. 

Da-da-da-da. I was not totally paying attention to our lesson because I was a bit sleepy. About 70% of my real world's soul was present. The rest left me. 

Let them have their break time after the class. Then had our our NSTP period as our homeroom. I asked them to fill out the forms I printed yesterday for their community service. There were few blank spots because about 3 or 4 classmates of mine were absent. They enjoyed the day without work due to the out-campus activity of the NSTP office. 

I explained the instructions for our sort-of seatwork... but ended up being taken home because of me. I know they will not enjoy making it if they don't finish it at home. 

Discussed about our Christmas Party plans. I don't really want to tell here what we've planned, just I became extremely pissed. It's inevitable. It's very apparent.

Terminated the day's class.

With my friends, we went to a photocopying outlet then to a computer shop. Since the number of free slots weren't enough, some of us decided to stay outside. The ladies (including me...? OHMYEFFIN' I AM A LADY? wwwww), went to the nearest grocery store then we've canvassed the ingredients we'll be using for the food in the Christmas Party. 

After that, we played non-stop. THE DRUMMANIA/PERCUSSION 9TH MIX of Konami led us to addiction. We encountered various awesome folks who seemed to stay there for years just to master the songs and the beats. lol We still have plenty of practice to make more.

Headed home. Loitered around the room. Had phone conversation. :3

I am so sleepy. I don't want to fuss about the meeting this afternoon. I was really exhausted and annoyed. Don't worry, I am fine now. I am not that thickheaded and immature to ask for that person to grovel just for my forgiveness. lol Just Kidding. 

I will sleep now. But, I will read few notes I've written down so I will be prepared for tomorrow. Sorry for this rushed post. I was expecting that this will be longer, but can't keep up with this ultra sleepiness I am having. 

I still feel so busy. I can't wait for the 2 week vacation we'll be having. I am still hoping for an extension though. -____- I can't possibly memorize 3 or more subject with that small amount of time. 2 maybe. I will keep myself away from the PC if that'll be the case, then of course, I can't. 

Nah, ignore all those above words. I am just out of my mind. 

Oyasumi nasai. 

No image too. What are you doing? >_< 

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