Dec 9, 2012


I feel so useless today. All my plans were ruined because of my addiction.

So, I woke up last night (refer to my previous post) to have my dinner and even study for a bit... but I then did download a software that can let me see autoplays of the songs in drummania. I also watched the past few episodes of Hiiro no Kakera Dai Ni Shou that I missed. I did those for almost 4 hours.


The way Sugita Tomokazu say those words. Kyaahhhaaan~

I decided to start my essay in English since I will surely be busy the upcoming days. I ended up staring at the title for few minutes. I read few articles regarding that topic so I may get few hints to how I will start and finish my work, but I failed. I didn't even manage to finish the first sentence. *facepalms*

I fell asleep after downloading various songs for the emulator. So happy but at the back of my mind I feel so pissed about myself. How can I ruin such perfect time frame for this day? I DID STUDY? What subject? Drummania autoplays, how to play the songs. Ridiculous me.

That's what I did for most part of my day. If there were any errands I did, they were only done in few minutes.

I just started moving at 4:30 pm. I printed my assignment in Psychology and a pattern for my NSTP assignment which will be submitted tomorrow. I feel so irresponsible. Rushing that important task. X___X

Watched Sukitte ii na yo's latest episode with my sister too. 

(I can't understand how Yamato can freely do that with Mei knowing the fact that they are still in SCHOOL!!)

To tell you the truth, I just finished painting it few minutes ago... now I am in a middle of worrying what my essay contents will be... and whether if I should study math or programming after. Gaaah. I am seriously regretting what I did.

Report ended. What a wasted day. 

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