Nov 27, 2012

Magi EP 08 Insane Rants (with tons of spoilers)

I am starting to watch Magi Ep 08 now. I've decided to do this trolling of mine while I watch. 



I still can't imagine Fukuyama Jun voing a Bob Marley-look-a-like character. 

And Alibaba having that blazing dagger, I hope he can have a more awesome weapon for himself. 


Just a cool part from the OP theme:

Who can just resist the request of these cute children?

I dunno, but this guy (voiced by FukuJun) keeps on telling him things about their past. He's trying to keep Alibaba for himself. 

Surprising Morgiana is surprising. 


As a proof -- here's a shocked face of Alibaba-kun. 

"Please explain yourself to Aladdin."

Explaining yourself to a very young kid will help you big, sir. (06:30)

Morgiana and Alibaba-kun at the top of a temple-like place:

Now who's the husband and who's the wife?

But, really, I can imagine Morgiana as Shizuku Mizutani. Is it wrong? wwwww

Showing money (being held by this guy voiced by Sakurai Takahiro)... maybe this was before the time they tried to chew money as a proof of their wealthiness. 

"He may be a Magi, but he's still a child."


Poor Aladdin. 

Because of Alibaba-kun, you became so fragile. But, don't worry. Because the audience saw you together in the OP video, you'll be able to be with him and Morgiana in your next journeys. 

(Spoiler OP credits are really excitement ruiners)

Proper way of landing to meet your long-lost-friend:

Kyaaaah. Aladdin is really cute. I want a stuff toy of him. 

This awkward moment... because Alibaba-kun was forced by Morgiana to meet Aladdin. 

Morgiana got angry...

Aladdin prevented the flow of the conversation to get bad...

They decided to talk about happy things but then Alibaba introduced this "Kassim".

Thanks to that I've managed to remember the character FukuJun voiced. I am so poor with memorizing the characters names' the first time I've heard it. 

Told that Kassim is Alibaba-kun's childhood friend. 

THEN A SHORT FLASHBACK (is it short, I am typing while the flashback is going on).

Here's a beautiful snapshot of it:

Then a question popped out of my head, "Why is Alibaba-kun's mother black-haired though he has golden hair?"

In a fast-paced change of scenes, it was then explained: "Mother was a prostitute in the slums."

Well, I am too lazy to attach an image of Alibaba's mother, just imagine her. LOL

So, this Mariam and Kassim are siblings, that's why their hairstyles are both locked.

(What a weird statement there)

As usual, the hero's mother died.. They cried. They cried. Kassim promised that he'll be the one who will take care of them. Then this Kassim ended up as a member of thieves.. blah blah.

AAAAANNNND Because I am a seiyuu-lover, I need to know who these youngsters' seiyuus are. 

/** Let me pause it for a while and check.

Thanks to my ultra slow-poke laptop, I have to wait forever.


The reason why the young Kassim/Cassim's voice sounded familiar is because... SANPEI YUKO'S VOICE IS THE ONE BEHIND KASSIM'S! >_<

Okay, continuing..


Kassim acted strange that day.

He asked Alibaba if they are friends, then he gave him a freakin' smile. 

Then, Alibaba's royalty father appeared, telling that "Anise", his mother, is once a maid in this "palace". He was thrown out by Kassim. I think Kassim was just envious of Alibaba... oh well. Let's see what will happen next.

ALIBABA WAS CALLED "OUJI-SAMA". Of course everyday, lessons were given to him, since he's a royal prince. Then he left the palace to visit the slum.... he didn't see any traces of his former life there... dramatic mode with golden butterflies scene... he saw a grown-up Kassim... 

Alibaba is now regretting that he left the slum...  

Then the scene was perfectly changed to the scene where they both talked about how the slum became like that.. Kassim even provoked Alibaba to drink a lot. 

Then this confession was raised. 

Because of the alcohol, Alibaba-kun was asked by Kassim about various things. This Kassim is definitely lying, he was just telling these for the sake of wanting Alibaba back to their weird work. 

While they were having a mini-drama in this episode, there are multiple advertisements appearing below. LOL

Sorry, too lazy to translate them. Will just continue watching...

Again with this terrible misfortune, Alibaba's father's dying...

Too bad. It's really hard for him to lose both of his parents.

The king is leaving the country to Alibaba. Telling that there's no one else who can stand up for their country..

Alibaba then asked how the King felt when he was with Anise... the king told Alibaba that "he loved" Anise-san. 

A photo of the dying father of Alibaba:

This actually scared the hell out of me


Almost ending...

Kassim appeared. They hit Alibaba with something. Now it appears that he's trying to take over the whole kingdom. Then the dying King saw what Kassim did. 


Sorry for my crazy rants. This is my first time doing this. Instead of just tweeting my comment in every scene, I've decided to share this to every one. LOL

Arigatou! and Gomen!

m(_ _)m

I might do CODE:BREAKER's EP 08 rant too. 

There will be plenty of spoilers, I am warning you. If you don't want to see them, don't read it. 

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