Nov 16, 2012

Random thoughts now.

Yes, in these past months I've been kinda misdirected. LOL

Now, these are the top 5 songs that play in my head. I can't help it.

TOP 5 - Towa no Kizuna by Daisy X Daisy (Fairy Tail OP 9)

Yeah, I can't help but hit this song in my phone. Even though I am now in hiatus with Fairy Tail (Paused at Ep 100), plus this is just a newly transferred song to my phone too (poor me), other YouTube anime song rankings pulled me to this and I got a severe LSS. 

TOP 4 - Lovers by 7!! (Naruto Shippuuden OP 9)

Gaaah, OP 9 again, why? 
Well, as what I've said above, this is basically because of the anime song recommendations from various Youtube users. I am also in hiatus watching Naruto Shippuuden because, IN MY OPINION, it sure has gotten long. This song is very upbeat and I can't escape the notes floating in the air that cause me to follow them just like in Osu! LOL

TOP 3 - Moshimo no Hanashi by nano.Ripe (Bakuman. 3 OP 1)
Why this? I don't know too, I can't blame the season for being awesome. No offense, but I am not really a fan of nano.Ripe since this is the first song of them that I heard. Well, I am not saying that they are bad artist but... they WERE just purely invisible to my eyes before. Yes, clap clap for this song! <3 font="font">

 TOP 2 - VIP by SID (Magi OP 1)

The lead singer (Mao) of SID captivated me and drown me to this song... LOL Just Kidding. Actually it's because of Magi. I remember downloading the pilot episode of the anime then forgot to watch it... I just viewed it a week ago... and I got so drugged by the song. I can't help it but stare at Mao, I mean head bang to the whole song.


You can't blame me! I am a big fan of GRANRODEO plus realized that this anime (CODE:BREAKER) is an awesome, awesome, awesome anime. Just like in Magi, I downloaded few first episodes of this series but failed to watch them ahead since I was in a tight schedule before. Oh well, I know this is extremely addicting, can't help but overdose myself with this song. 

For comments regarding this, you can freely speak to me. (^___^)// 

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