Nov 27, 2012

I didn't mean to

Now that I have my subject "Writing in Discipline", I have to polish my writing skills.
I don't want to brag my former awards regarding this field, but I want to have a good comeback to what I've done in this subject. (Please check my former post).

"Everything happens for a reason."

The above quotation is a very popular line for those who are still having regrets. Whatever that action is/was, I know they are still contemplating about it. 

Just like me, I don't know what kind of practice I am suppose to have. All I can do is to make this blog site alive again and talk about anything as long as I use English as my communicating means. This blog is not popular. It will never be. But for those who still read this, thank you.

Again, this entry is intended to ask permission to myself, to this blog, and to those who are reading, that there will be random entries useless to your otaku lifestyle. They will be posted for the sake of my subject.

m(_ _)m

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