Nov 29, 2012

Sebastian Fever!!

Yes, I am really Sebastian Michaelis' master. I just want this to be kept but now I have to reveal it. LOL

Anyway, I just realized something..

While searching for various images of Sebastian, I saw cosplayers of Sebastian. There was a moment where I met BL doodles of SebastianXCiel or SebastianXGrell or SebastianXClaude then my mother suddenly appeared. I am confident I don't have any relationship to those kind of fanservice. No problemo~

So, what is this "I realized" thingy?

I haven't seen any perfectly perfect cosplayer of Sebastian Michaelis because, I, myself, has built a really high standard in imitating his character. I can't define it well, but, as fellow Sebastian-lover, I am sure that there will be many who'll agree to me. 

And, I want to have 3rd season of this... if possible with my character. LOL Every one knows that there'll be no more sequel to this... I mustn't expect for something now.

DANG, MY COLDS MAKE ME SLEEPY. Will end this post before it reaches 4000 words. LOL

Good bye~!

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