Nov 29, 2012

2 day vacation

Practically, I don't really have classes during Thursdays. Tomorrow is a special holiday in Philippines that's why my days off increased. I slept late and woke up with cough and colds (darn it). I re-watched Nana until Ep 06, I think. I planned to study but ended up doing my covers for Dark Shame by GRANRODEO and Monochrome no Kiss by SID. I don't want to upload them anymore, I am too shy to do that. Don't worry, once my confidence boosted up, I will ensure that there'll be plenty of hits in YouTube. LOL Just kidding, it won't happen.

Thus, my journey towards my studying time is now starting. I've printed multiple codes for me to practice later, but first I will have my dinner then do my assignment in Biology (I am an IT student, this subject is just one of my minor ones). I will revisit my math book later, if I still have time. Then will re-read my Psychology notes so that when Saturday arrives, I am really really really ready. 

I can't wait for Monday, first day being a student assistant in the school's registrar's office. Student Assistants are also called SA, feels like I am part of Special A. wwwww. 

On Tuesday, I've made up my mind, I will really apologize for the rudeness I've done. There's no turning back. My performance will affect me if this worsen or just kept hanging. LORD PLEASE GUIDE ME. 

De wa, this is my journal entry for today. Hope to continue posting at least once a day. 

Report ended! IJOU! (^_^)v

PS: A photo of my beloved FukuJun! <3 font="font">

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