Nov 27, 2012

SAITEI DA (I'm the worst)

This is really a personal post. I just want to burst this out. I am really out of my mind these past few days. I dunno what's gotten into me, but I am dreadfully at my worst state now.

So, today we had our English (Writing) class. I acted the way I usually do in the class, joined the others in teasing our classmates (because it's our orientation day with our professor). My turn came, I introduced myself, stated that I am an otaku, blah blah. In the end, I told my instructor that "I expect this class to be dismissed early." I didn't mean to be rude, but then, I am the class representative. I want to persuade our prof to let us go home earlier than what the schedule tells us. Now I am so confused. Our prof didn't show any sign of being disturbed with what I told her. 

After my short time with my circle of friends, I immediately confessed to my sisters what I did. My second sister said to me that I didn't do anything wrong since it's for the sake of my class (referring to me and my classmates). The eldest onee-san (she's a teacher), straightforwardly told me that I was mean, rude, and extremely inconsiderate. I am really bad. I AM SO BAD. I AM TRULY BAD! >_<

A screencap from Suki tte ii na yo's Ep 08:

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