Dec 1, 2012

1st Day of December

I can start my birthday countdown now (since it is easier to subtract when December starts. LOL)


So, how was school?

Yes, today's Saturday and I have classes every Saturday. 
I don't mind having classes since Psychology is really interesting for me. 

We had this group work. It was a bit awkward but in the end I pulled it together. I can't help it. 
Then we had drills. The first one I got 11 right answers out of 12 (Me so great. LOL for bragging). The next one, I got a perfect score (Me so great again. LOLOLOL).

But this post is not intended for purely boasting...

I attended the university today even though I am still not feeling well.
I was so pale, having cough and colds...

*coughs now*

I had to go home to take my medicines (poor me for not bringing them with me)

Then Biology time. We had a semi-surprised quiz. 
I don't want to talk about this. I just... no, I won't spill it out. 
Imagine, that was my first time ranting in my notebook while the professor is lecturing. That wasn't my style as a student. T___T

Dismissal time. Bonding with my friends. Ate my number 1 favorite snack! --- Cheeseburger, and spaghetti. I look like a child every time I eat those. Besides being a messy eater, those are my comfort food. 

We encountered a hard-core Tekken gamer kid who kept on beating us. The child spent his entire childhood playing Tekken. LOL We had no chance in winning against him. But, still, he's a nice child. He didn't talk sh*t about winning multiple times. 

The adventure still has a long way to go. 

"Should I sleep now?" 

The statement above is the question that keeps on ringing in my head. 

I will just study. I dunno. I dunno. I simply do not know. If I glued myself in front of the laptop, this day will not be productive again. I need to stretch out and get my pen and notebooks. I am a good student, right? wwww

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