Dec 5, 2012

At last, Wednesday

Of course I reviewed in Accounting. Before closing my eyes, I listened to Wasurenagusa Vol 04. Hiro Shimono's just kakkoii there. 

Managed to sleep at 2:30 am.

Woke up at 6:05, 55 minutes before my first subject starts. Did my routine. Headed straight to school.

Then, waited for our professors while most of us were still reviewing for Accounting. Students are still students. We need to strive for best, right? My cough loved me this morning that's why it bugged me again. I had to wear the handy-dandy mask that I placed in my bag. Became a good kid, took my medicine on time so I was well-esteemed towards my health. 

Then around 7:35 our professor arrived. CAN YOU EVEN FOCUS LISTENING TO THE LESSON WHILE YOU ARE COUGHING SO HARD AND YOUR HEAD IS FILLED WITH ACCOUNTING TERMS? This is why I don't want having a discussion prior to a long quiz. But, we can't do anything regarding that. All we have to do is to nod to our schedule. 

Recess came. We were all still studying. Busy-bodies. I just had instant noodles since I, also, can't afford to waste even a precious second for me to review. A very good friend of ours brought sliced oranges. A friend said that, "Oh! This one's the same with the food Kuroko and his teammates had during a game." I corrected him, thus said, "They had whole lemons soaked in honey. Do you want to have that?" LOL Pleasing to have close comrades who also have interest in anime. 

While waiting for our professor, had coffee time. Listened to anime songs, still reading. The longer the waiting time, the more nervous we became. Of course, we spent tons of time for memorizing a huge amount of terms, we don't want to forget any. 

Had a petty fight with a classmate. It made me realize something. I think various unreachable things that make me look weird to him. AAAAAND I DON'T CARE. I personally consider that by thinking deeper about things, it can stimulate your brain. If I don't like that, I will be a commoner. Who wants to be a commoner? According to our Psychology professor, "The new trend now is not be common. It's for you to be unique, to be extraordinary." 

Rejected his presence because the flow of the conversation just narrowed my mind. I wrote all the things I've reviewed in a piece of paper... professor appeared. 

Heart pounded so fast. So fast that even though our professor is still at the door, I wanted to hear the first question already. I held my rosary so tight. 

Actually, during that time, I was pissed because I think my former self is returning. I don't want that to happen. I was very cruel before. BUT, I can't help but act like that again. Why? Because not all people can't understand that they shouldn't stay FOOLISH, IMBECILE, worse, IDIOT forever. That's why we strive for the best. We need to put extra effort in everything we do. We shouldn't stay inside the box. Oh, well. It will just lengthen this blog post if I continue fussing about that.

What happened to the exam? Ma'am provided us with 3 bonus questions too. What is her first name? What is her surname? What is the complete name of our subject? Basic questions. The number of items is 100 plus the 3 bonus questions. Overall, my score is 103 over 100. THANK YOU LORD! Breathed well after all those questions. We had another lecture, continued our lesson. 

FINALLY FREE! Out of the cage. We planned to go to the library, but we cancelled it. 

Classes ended for the day. We were told by our senior that there will also be a Christmas Party event to be held at the school. I asked him if we can just refuse going. One thing that made me upset is the fact that we are going to be forced to pay a certain amount of money. What is that for? We should be oriented regarding that. We were already formulating our plans, but we'll just learn about this THIS LATE? Come on, almost less than 2 weeks before the day and we have plenty of expenses to worry about too. Besides, we're already in college. 

When we were walking, I got a sermon from one of my friends. She called me "hard headed" -- I am used to that. I have a bad habit of taking my medicines late. Maybe I am still in the denial stage. I know it has been years since I last learned about my illness, but I can't help it. I want to be normal. I want to be called normal. I want to be seen normal. I want to be considered normal. I want to do a lot of things normal people can do. 

We headed to the main building to accompany our friend who has been reprimanded because of her uniform. I saw my name in the bulletin board too. So happy~ I was called to the NSTP office because we haven't our professor for 2 meetings already, and he won't be coming to us this Friday too. He's very very very kind. His approach is very calming. I can't wait to see him in the class. He gave me few assignments (as the class representative again). 

We went to the nearby grocery store after that. There I treated myself with a Big Mac, an up-sized coke, and an up-sized fries. I didn't plan to touch my savings. T___T Can't help it. I was starving that time. Took them out, met my friends. They were singing videoke. Some were planning basketball shooting game. We saw a guy played a percussion game. (Can't fully explain it. Think of a rock band game with the drums only present) I got wounds. My left hand's small and ring fingers got small wounds, it bled. wwww


Onlined. Followed my aunt's errands. Printed few pages. Checked for updates. I failed. Felt sleepy. Ended up sleeping. Woke up. Chatted. Ate dinner. NOW.

I've realized a bunch of things today. Maybe because I am also stressed. 

PS. I don't like talking with people who know very small amount of information. Don't say that education is not important. If it is NOT IMPORTANT then STOP STUDYING. You're just wasting money. You should be thankful that you are given a chance to have formal education. Just loiter around and be a beggar if you hate school that much. 

I like Mizutani Shizuku's outlook towards "education" and "schooling". Is there anything wrong with it?

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