Dec 11, 2012

A day. Two days.

I don't know what to do now. We're still waiting for our professor in English. We were dismissed early in our prior subject, Filipino. We are regretting the fact that we left the arcade house at exactly 5:30 pm.

I can hear noise. Noises everywhere though I am listening to music with my earphones on. I am trying to picture the things I will do once I got home. Should I review for tomorrow's quizzes in programming or not? I don't know if our professor will be around because she's usually unwell these days. If I did study but the quizzes were cut, what'll happen to my effort? Aaaah~ the song I am listening to at the moment bleds well with what I am feeling now: Complication -- Rookiez is Punk'd.

I want to have a long... a very long post tonight because I wasn't able to have an entry yesterday. Should I talk about the events yesterday?

It was actually a pretty boring day. Usual. I woke up kinda late because I was seriously lazy to get out from bed. When I arrived at school, the professor wasn't there (room/lab) yet. Showed my downloaded DTX Mania software to my friends, then our prof appeared. We tackled the same lesson again. We're asked to program something, though nobody was able to make the proper coding. Almost got it, but, nah, almost is not enough. We didn't have prof in Math. It's Education Week after all. They, our professors in Math and PE, were involved in that occasion, that means my classmates got free earlier than scheduled. I had my duty in the registrar's office that's why I left my friends to work. What was asked me to do? Simple. I only cut the examination permits. I was even asked if I prefer to use the cutter but I took the scissors instead. Such an addicting task. I even wanted to ask the one who was supervising me to let me take home one ream of it to finish cutting all of them but I am not that thick-faced to even say that in front of sir. lol

Dismissal came, I went to the computer shop to  join my friends. They were playing Counter Strike. I don't have any idea how to play that so I refused to play with them. OF COURSE I WON'T SURVIVE WITHOUT PLAYING. I again hit the Drummania and gave my best to it.

Take note: I played Drummania during our supposed-to-be Math time and after my duty. I even got an S! LOL such a child for being happy.


So, should I tell what happened today?  Will probably do so.

Woke up at 9:30 am (though I planned to rise at around 4:30 am). Dang dang dang. I got hypnotized by my laziness that I extended my sleep. I had my breakfast while polishing my essay. Right after that, I watched the update of Sword Art Online, because I promised myself not to watch SAO's new episode until I finished my essay in English. Watched Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun's latest episode too then had our visual aids in Filipino. Did my routine.

Then, then, then, I texted my friends if they can bring newspapers and scotch tapes for our report in Filipino. We weren't able to obtain any. I bought medicines this afternoon too, my friends accompanied me. 

Filipino time. We transferred room. We went to the second floor because it was really noisy outside the building because Education Week at the same time Intramurals were occurring. We were surprised that instead of having our reports, we were asked to bring out sample of texts that have different classifications. FTW, I brought an English Writing Book and that saved me. I got few examples from that book. So happy I got saved. lololol. Then we were dismissed early (as what have been said above).

Break time. 

Ate with my friends. I can't resist to play so I burst playing again. lol I didn't get any scratch nor wound from the drum playing. My left hand is filled with band-aids so that may be the reason why it was free from any harm. I even pretended that I am the female version of Midorima because of my band-aids and my eyeglasses. They even told me that my lucky item was coffee. LOL WHATTHE? 

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