Dec 8, 2012

Fulfillment X Disappointment

I fell asleep. Few more minutes before 12 mn.

If there will be typos in this post it is because I rushed this one.


I woke up early. About 4:45 am just to review in Psychology and read a bit in Biology. I only went downstairs at 6:00 and did my routine.

Hasted to school, saw some of my classmates photocopying the assignment and reached my room at 7:10 am. 

We had a quiz in Psychology. It was a 35 item quiz divided to sub-tests. The first part was what exactly was given to us last meeting, the situations that will then be categorized to what branch of psychology is concerned. The next part is a True or False part where I got one mistake. lol The third one is an enumeration (different types of behavior) then we'll give example for each. The last one is identifying a certain method in Psychological analysis if it is ancient, pre-modern, or modern. Up to my surprise, I got 34/35. Yey. Thank You Lord! Submitted the photos we were asked to bring. Wrote "What I like about myself" at the back of the photo. I answered "I like my smile because it lightens up my mood..." Too much explanation, but really, every time I smile it soothes a bad situation I am facing. 

After that, we had our short break. I ate rice. I can't possibly last the day without eating heavy course meal.

Returned to the classroom. While waiting for our professor, I roamed around to complete the directory our Filipino teacher asked me to do. Then, when I saw my classmate who is a "drunkard", I immediately confessed to him that he got me annoyed . He then said sorry, told him, "It's easy to say sorry, but it is hard to forgive."

Biology classes started...

We had a quiz. "Prepare a 1/16 yellow paper..."

Yes, we had a quiz in that small paper. 15 items all in all. We were a bit surprise that there were few items that weren't discussed last meeting that were not even included in our syllabus... yah, yah.

While checking our own paper, I misspelled intussusception. What mistake did I do? I simply spelled it as "into..." because our professor is from a Visayan part of the country, I got confused. lol (but at least I know how to spell it properly now) The next mistake I did is in number 3 item, "What do you call the blah blah of the plant to determine its age...?" I answered "its rings/plant rings" to play safe but, I guess it was too safe because it should be "annual rings or growth rings". Why did I forget that term. *facepalms* Then in the number 13th item (was it 12? lol) The question was "Is plant growth limited??" (I rephrased it but the thought is still the same) I automatically answered "Yes". Of course, death of the plant alone is the biggest hint that it is very limited. Up to our surprise, our professor stated it should be "No". WHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAT??? O___O Totally got out of my mind at the moment there. Good thing our VP/friend/classmate raised his hand and justified that it should be a "Yes" and stated bamboos for example. I also raised my hand and asked if the plant reached withering, will it not be considered as a stage that it will eventually be limited. Another one raised his hand and defended the answer "No". I then instantly took my book out of my bag and flipped the pages of my book, there a bright light appeared and saw the answer. Few more explanations from my professor and she told us that the answer must be "Yes". AT LAST. In the end, I was a bit disappointed with my grade... 11/15. Not my usual score. But at least, 2nd to the highest. I should've gotten 13 if only I spelled correctly and remember that scumbag term.

Another discussion happened. The expected lesson will be about Scientific Method but we ended up with writing research papers. O___O I can't blame ma'am. She told us that she'll give us more informative than what was in the book about scientific method since it is very elementarish... or maybe high schoolish. Immediately after that, we were asked to bring out 1/2 lengthwise and there, we had our 2nd quiz. BOOM BABY.

A classmate of mind approach our prof for reference. Good thing I was the one asked to photocopy the lesson for the next meeting since we'll have yet another quiz. Phew. Never ending but it is to test us. 

I photocopied the chapter 1 of the book. Returned the book to my professor and asked her if it will be our reference book all throughout the semester (because it is really hard to study biology with many books beside me, not knowing which I should master). I guess, I should just insert all the info I can get to that book so I can get high grade.

Decided to go to the library next. We went to the main building but the book we were looking for wasn't there. Maybe other students borrowed it already. *sobs* 

Headed to South again (it is a grocery store with arcade center and food court lol), I saw my former classmates in ValSci at the entrance. Yey! I ate rice again, yeah, so hungry after all those quizzes. After that, we encountered a man who kept on playing the Drummania there, we only got small chance of playing... as expected from a Saturday, many people are there. We then played Tekken. I had only one round of game because I was talking to my classmate while playing, I lost a beat and failed the stage. THEEENNNN, we played a gun-shooting game. Guess that wore me out that's why when I went home, I was so tired. 

I tried talking to my "drunkard" classmate and even begged him to quit his plan in the Christmas Party. As the class representative, that should be my obligation. They are of my care. I can't bear seeing our section fall to pieces because of that event. I dunno how I am going to face him on Monday. I really got disappointed. He kept on insisting how much he would want to have a "drinking session" in that day. Can't you even resist your st00pid temptation for a day? Oh Gawrsh, I really raged in my mind, I don't want to turn them to words. I don't want to hurt others but at least I let him know what I was feeling. GAAWRR so annoying. Day-ruiner. IMAGINE, I WAS WATCHING A DOCUMENTARY ABOUT NARCISSISM WHILE HAVING THAT CONVERSATION. I don't know if I should have let it pass, but I am scared. I can't look forward to the Christmas Party because I am freakin' scared now. I don't want my emotions to prevail that's why I just slept.

AAAAAHHHHH. If I continue to rant with this mood on, I don't know if you'll even read this. But , seriously, I am so angry. I am very angry. I don't want this to be the cause of my death, so I will just study. 


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