Dec 4, 2012

December 3, 2012

Definitely, the day I posted this and the title don't match.

What happened?

I slept so early yesterday. 7 pm. Not my usual sleeping time. 


I went to school at 7:00 am. I rushed. While waiting for my professor in programming to arrive, she called me. "I won't be able to attend your class because... (blah blah blah)". I wasn't able to hear her reason, but one thing's for sure, WE DON'T HAVE CLASS. 

As the class president, I had an attendance. Then bought mask and my throat reliever, lozenges. It was really an awful experience. My friend and I were looking for the lozenges, we even asked the counter. We didn't notice that the lozenges were just behind us! WHAT THE FUDGE! We weren't very good at exploring inside a very small pharmacy. lol, just lol.

Then, spent the remaining time with my friends at a grocery store. We stayed at the food court, had our meeting while eating. 

We returned to our building. Few of us were already wearing their PE uniform. Good thing I hesitated to wear it ahead that's why I was saved. The guards insisted that those who were not wearing PE uniforms were allowed to enter the school premises that time. *sigh of relief*

Of course I tried to ask our professors (Math and PE) to let them enter since they are really numerous. More than half of the class! Imagine that. But, my powers didn't work. I can't oppose them, so, go with the flow. They really have their point. I then submitted the form to my PE professor telling that I will start working in the registrar this day. Permission granted. 

So, Math time came. I didn't review a lot. (Thanks to my scumbag laziness last night). I did manage to answer the questions thrown to us by our prof but when the sudden quiz came. *doomed sfx* I was totally confused with 2 questions. How heavy 10 points or 5 points per question is! I only got 17/25 T___T Thanks to my friend who gave me consideration.

That certainly wasn't my time. I wasn't the highest. 



[Excerpt from my mobile memo]

(Part 1)
*clears throat*
Currently at the registrar's office. Idle mode here. I am still waiting for the tasks that will be given to me. I tried reading the sole book that's with me, a Trigonometry book.. What can I do with a book filled with computations if I can't even get pieces of papers out of my bag just to solve in front of these administrators? That is the problem I am facing at the moment. 

To ease my boredom, I tried searching for a wi-fi connection. Unfortunately, all I can do is to sigh. Stared at my phone for few seconds then a good idea entered my mind. You are now asking what it is? Obviously, I am ranting with the help of my phone's memo which I will later on post in my blog once I got home.

To be honest, I don't know if I can still be productive today. Half an hour elapsed. I am waiting for a personnel whom I don't have any idea who he is or how he looks like. In short, I am indeed waiting for an UNKNOWN man.

(door opens)

GREAT! The person I've been waiting for is this guy?
Date: Dec/03/12(Mon)   Time:13:35

(Part 2)

He's the one who always announces us with something regarding our previous subject in our previous semester.
I am still waiting for the tasks that will be assigned to me. Still patiently waiting. An hour and 12 minutes left before my duty here is over. Still not yet doing something worthy of my stay here. 
So can I just accept whatever grade I will be receiving given the fact
Note: This is really unfinished. 
Date: Dec/03/12(Mon) Time: 13:50

(Part 3)

Done with my work. I was given the task to encode a confidential matter. 
Scenes while I was typing:
1. They planned to fix my dean's lister so that I can be posted soon.
2. My former professor called me a "bright" student.

I finished my work fast. I really love typing that may be the reason why I was so confident with my work (just kidding, I rechecked it). The person who watches over my work even told me tat I should have at least didn't haste. lol
At least now I did something. My former professor in N

Note: This is again unfinished.  
Date: Dec/03/12 (Mon) Time: 14:40


After my work, I was given the form for my dean's lister. I decided to return it tomorrow.

With my friends, headed to a convenient store since I was hungry. Bought rice meal, bread, and a drink.

Finally home. Played with my little cousin while letting her watch Namie Amuro and GRANRODEO live concerts. What a pretty considerate cousin (referring to myself).

I planned to have a Hiiro no Kakera Dai Ni Shou marathon to cope up with my missed episodes. Then I fell asleep. 

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