Feb 8, 2010

La Corda d' Oro Season 2 and Musical

I thought they'll still continue La Corda d' Oro season 2 yet their site announced that it only has 2 episodes. Ah~ there's also some news saying that there'll be a La Corda d' Oro musical. Hn? How are they going to make it possible? 

The musical will be performed at the Galaxy Theatre in Tokyo on March 19-24. Starring teen model Azusa Okamoto (17) and Hello! Pro Eggs member Saki Mori (16) who have been double-cast as the protagonist Kahoko Hino. With supporting cast members Shun Mikami, Yuta Takahashi, Manato Kawamura, Koichi Yoshino, and Yuta Koseki, with music composition by Takatsugu Muramatsu.

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