Feb 9, 2010

Prince of Tennis Special Bromide - White Day Version

Title: Tennis no Oujisama SPECIAL BROMIDE Part.18 Precious White Day Version "For My Precious"

Date of release: 11 March 2010

Theme: White Day

Remarks: Linked to the NINTENDO DS game "Tennis no Oujisama Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama - More Sweet Edition" to be released on 11 Feb 10 - allows you to unlock more content in the game with a password at the bottom left hand corner of the bromide

Description: 1 bromide, 1 backing stand in each pack / 12 packs in each box / 18 patterns in total / 15 real bromide versions and 3 private real versions

Price: 315 yen (inclusive of tax)

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