Jun 7, 2010

Aya Hirano~~Trip in Okinawa

Here, here, it's her post last July 6, 2010. I translated it, of course with the help of the lovable translator.

I did go to Okinawa last weekend, but because of the bad weather, I didn't take any camera pictures - but bought only this! - but it's not a proof of Okinawa!! 
Market was on the wall, flyers ... Okinawa process.
 I process and Osaka, just how very like, me?
 I went to work without first private Okinawa, Okinawa, where she has felt somewhat different (^ O ^)
 And kept on shopping! !


Actually I didn't get the part of "private" at all. 


She's very formal in her diary, very opposite of the Hirano Aya I know.

This is the first time I've covered her blog post too. 

What's in the picture?

A Wrestling version of Power Rangers?

Chotto~yabai deshou?

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