Jun 10, 2010

Inner Thoughts Revealed

In this entry, I'll post my opinions and thinkings about an anime genre called 

YAOI or also called BOYS LOVE (BL)

At first, when I was still 10 years old, I didn't really notice the unusualness of this said genre but when I finally got my unlimited internet connection (well, it's kinda limited if the electricity's cut) I started exploring the anime world freely. Then of course, with how I decide what to watch, I simply search the anime's story then look at the seiyuu, then the drawing, lastly the type of anime. 

I unconsciously watched some BL anime but never ever watched YAOI ones in a full-series. What do I mean by that, sometimes in some AMVs there are inserted scenes that I don't wish to watch so I can definitely can't say that I haven't seen one before. 

So continuing, I'm really no good in making such long talks, but I'm trying to tell everyone to at least prevent themselves from loving and patronizing animes, mangas, games, and doujinshis of such. Maybe that's one of the reason why there are many guys turning to uke or seme.

Now that I've mentioned uke and seme, I'll tackle about it now. Basically, I don't really remember which is which, but now I'm going to search...


Seme originated from the Japanese word "semeru" means to attack, then Uke from "ukeru" which means receiver. These words are derived from the martial arts and just adapted to Yaoi/BL fantasizing of some otakus.

What do I think about that? Actually, I really am not agreeing with this kind of world for Otaku. Even though I am an otaku I still think of the morality of the anime not just by shouting MOE! MOE! to myself watching such scenes explicitly show. I still prefer handsome guys (bishounen) to be in reverse-harem animes.

Speaking of reverse-harem animes, sometimes the Yaoi lovers are just making things worse by watching my favorite genre (reverse-harem). They are watching it for the mere reason of turning it into yaoi. Well, what do I mean? Some make fanfiction wherein one guy falls for another forgetting about the leading woman or sometimes, for fun, they even turn it to Doujinshi then gotta sell them.

Another thing, I tried listening to BL drama cd then it turned out that the other comments are just saying "love this!", "this is hot", and "moe~~!" What's moeish in it? It's just 2 guys falling for each other and even though they don't say it in words they are GAYS!

I don't personally hate gays but other bisexual people flirting to other guys, I hate seeing that happen. Even though I really, really, really don't care about what they do, I just want them to think of what will happen and if they are committing sins or not. Are they still human or not. Or they just don't care with how things will turn out to be.

I still prefer cross-dressing than BL types of animes. Some anime characters, particularly guys, are still falling for the female protagonist. But I hope the mangakas/game makers will just make more reverse harem than yaoi/BL ones.

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