Jun 29, 2010

Wonderful World Trailer together with some notes

Voice actor Daisuke Namikawa is making his directorial debut with Wonderful World, a live-action film that will open in Japan in early summer next year. Mamoru Miyanostars with fellow voice actorsTomokazu SugitaTomokazu Seki,Rikiya KoyamaYuka Hirata,Showtaro MorikuboYuko Kaida, and Namikawa himself. Fashion model and actress Ayumi Uehara plays the main female role alongside Miyano.
The film's story poses the possibility that all of humanity, without exception, live in two worlds of existence: the real world and a second world known as "Hemu." Humans live their lives in Hemu when they sleep in the real world. Hidden in each person is another life of which he or she has no recollection of, except for nightmares which are soon forgotten upon waking up. However, there a few rare individuals who are aware of the existence of Hemu and the curious consequences it has on the real world.

Taken from AnimeNewsNetwork

Can't wait for the actual movie to be released.

Lots of seiyuu acting in the REAL SCENES!!

Not just acting behind the cameras.

This is just a proof how talented seiyuus are. 

Namikawa Daisuke~~daisuki!!

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