Feb 19, 2013

Downs and Ups? lol

If I have to rate this day I will give 6.5 out of 10.

1.       My alarm clock didn’t work this morning. Good thing my first class starts at 2:00 pm. What’s wrong with it, you say? I had to finish polishing and adding details to the term paper we have. I managed to start at 10:00 am. Phew, good thing last night I was able to at least finish few parts.
2.       After managing to print all the output and became confident with the work we’ve done, I realized that during the discussion we had in our subject, I failed to meet plenty of points to be made. I even forgot to make an outline (that’s less 20 points for our grade). You know how huge the impact it did to me. T___T There’s no turning back now. I have to convince myself to give my better best (since best is not enough) next time.

Because of the terrible things that happened to half of my day, I think Lord gave me a good comeback during night class.
1.       Managed to look for a room to have our discussion. Our supposed to be room is being used as an exhibit for the week’s celebration. (A celebration wherein our organization is not concerned.)
2.       I had a fair set of questions thrown, but in the end I had to pull back for I will consume most of the time.
3.       My writing was kinda good, though it was rushed. I think I am happy with what I did.
4.       We will be given a chance to contribute to the school paper! Yey! Minus .25 points to our final grade. Hope it will bring my senses back to writing.
5.       Our final exam in English will be the documentary we will be submitting. Another group task? Oh well, I will not say anything regarding that.

After the class, we walked until we’ve reached our favorite burger stand. We ate a bunch (though I wanted to eat another 9-inch burger). Arrived home at 9:30 pm. Didn’t know that my mother was calling me thru phone, but it was in my bag and my bag was not with me. The moment I stepped home (10 pm), mom was insanely mad because last night I went home the same time. Lol to this rebellious kid. I promise it won’t happen again.

I really love blogging. I hope I get to blog every day, wish for more time.

Tomorrow is a good schedule for me. We only have one subject, which is programming. No Accounting subject, no money solving for a while (since I don’t want to budget for this week, wanna spoil myself with food). I refused to tag along with my friends just to go on duty again.

Speaking of my NSTP duty, I want the friggin’ section project to be over soon, but how could I start if I myself is not yet initiating. Err, wait, I initiated already, right? Why is it no one seems to be interested in helping me. Sometimes I hate expecting because they are usually not met. Oh, I think I will open it up again. It’s really a pain every time there’s a big project yet you’re always the one who do most of the part. It really burdens me. I wonder if they can feel it from me.

Anyway, the internet connection makes me mad. Maybe it is because I am downloading so I can’t buffer an episode yet. If I say episode I am referring to Amnesia’s Ep 07 which is in raw. It’s the start of Kent’s route. I really like him since he is such a gentleman. What I kinda don’t like about him is he is always busy from school, yeah, he’s a math professor. I want to play the game suddenly. Speaking of game, the PV for Amnesia Crowd is out already. Yoshimasa Hosoya is in it. I am connecting Inu X Boku with this now. Lol WHY AM I RELATING EVERYTHING?! XD

I think I will end this post with this last sentence.


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