Feb 24, 2013

Stress reliever

So, our grades are showing up... I am pressured that's why I played a li'l game against 


From the very start, I was confused. Should it be Ono Daisuke or Fukuyama Jun?  I intend to defeat Akinator.

Oh well, during the questioning, I have decided to consider OnoD.

First half, I was answering well, then out of 25 questions, he gave me a Kamen Rider character, then we proceeded. 

When the notice about, "Is he a voice actor?" appeared, he answered that I was thinking of:

Dunno, I had difficulty answering this question... lol


Then, he tried guessing again.

He answered, "FukuJun"...

(Good thing I dropped his name during the game.)


Managed to beat him.


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