May 3, 2013

Changed my blog's design

   Dunno why I have posted this, I think this is just nonsense. Hihi.

    Anyway, first post for May!

   There are major changes such as the links above, the background, and my header.

   I am still not happy with the header though, but Ayase Chihaya inspires me to the nth power that is why I have chosen her to be the star of my blog. Oh! Before I forgot, I have also extra adjustments in terms of the texts and their colors. Guess I am really not good in color combination. wwww

   As I go along with the design I constantly follow strange ideas then revert back. I initially pictured everything with STARISH yet it ended up like this. The sakura trees in the background was supposed to be STARISH also or the QUARTET NIGHT (all from UtaPri), but KHR crossed my mind then voila, everything was changed. 

   So here's the before and after of my blog. 

   I have also deleted my Facebook badge so I can truly say that my personal and internet life are very far apart. (Though I sometimes insert random rants about my daily lifestyle here wwww)

   I have also updated the Seiyuu Birthdays. I've merged all the Seiyuu Galleries into one tab wherein in that link are also another set of multiple links -- err, what? lol just check it out. 

   The GRANRODEO tab is still under construction. I am still uploading files, and they are not just one HECK OF LOAD but I have to sacrifice my downloading and buffering time just to finish this fast, hope I can make it out all throughout the vacation. 

   I will remake the seiyuu blog links at the left side of the site too since many of them dropped their blogs and some formed theirs. Maybe some are just into Twitter recently that they forgot the existence of their blogs. But maintaining one ain't that easy, especially if you are not really motivated oftentimes. I wonder how celebrities manage to pull out some time from their schedule just to update...

     And AGAIN, I am being nonsensically talkative. Hello quiet reality and noisy online world.


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