May 24, 2013

Top Seiyuu With Awesome Singing Voices

Last August 31, 2011, had a survey with the topic, “Seiyuu With Good Singing Voice”. They gathered 1023 votes all in all, 762 people gave male seiyuu for their feedback while 261 persons answered with female seiyuu.

Here are the results:


10. Suwabe Junichi (18 votes)
9. Morikubo Shoutaro (28 votes)
7. Takahashi Naozumi (29 votes)
7. Toshihiko Seki (29 votes)
6 Hosoya Yoshimasa (30 votes)

5. Suzuki Tatsuhisa (38 votes)
4. Ono Daisuke (46 votes)

3. Suzumura Kenichi (57 votes)
2 Miyano Mamoru (156 votes)
1. Taniyama Kishou (171 votes)


5. Tanaka Mayumi (12 votes)
4. Takagaki Ayahi (14 votes)
3. Sakamoto Maaya (21 votes)
2. Hayashibara Megumi (22 votes)
1. Mizuki Nana (79 votes)

Many seiyuu fans voted for male seiyuu, what could be the reason?


Just look at Suwabe Junichi. He’s been in the voice acting industry for years. He has his own singing seiyuu units namely, Crispy Otoken Band, Nazo no Shin Unit STA*MEN, Otome Banchou, and Otsu JAPAN. Do you think he can have numerous groups if he is not good at singing? He also had plenty of character songs. He is known to be the voice actor of Atobe Keigo (one of my favorites in TeniPri) with plenty of character singles and albums. He is also the seiyu of Grimmjow from Bleach and Jinguji Ren of Uta no Prince-sama that also sure got loads of character songs.

Next in the list is Morikubo Shoutaro. He got the 9th spot. I was also put into trance by his singing voice before. The way he delivers the songs plus his movements in his PVs and lives are so fascinating. He is remarkable to me because of, also, his character songs. Ayaka Kirihara from Prince of Tennis and Kotobuki Reiji of Uta no Prince-sama are my favorite characters of him, of course, those whom he had his stunning character songs.

Takahashi Naozumi (left - below) really has gotten popular because of his characters in Harukanaru Toki no Naka de -- Inori, Isato, Hinoe, and Toya, and his role as Marui Bunta in Prince of Tennis. The former gave him various opportunities to have character songs and even perform on stage with some of the renowned seiyuu.  Regarding Toshihiko Seki… (right - below) honestly speaking I was not able to fully hear him because the time I’ve became into seiyuu, he lie lowed. His number of appearances decreased. The only roles of him that I am quite fond of are: Genjo Sanzo (Saiyuki), Iruka Umino (Naruto), Benitora (Samurai Deeper Kyo), and Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing). So, basing from them… I still don’t know. (laughs) Anyway, they both tied up at number 7.

OHMYGAWRSH! It is really Hosoyan! Hosoya Yoshimasa got the 6th spot even though he is new to the industry. I guess he got his popularity from his role as Shiraishi Kuranosuke in Prince of Tennis. He released 2 full albums entitled “Medicine or…” and “Poison”, and few singles in the said series. He even got a tour promoting his albums, courtesy of Prince of Tennis. Now, he is in a duo-unit called Max Boys.

The famous 2nd ending song of Kuroko no Basuke – Catal Rhythm, is performed by the band OLDCODEX. I was a bit late realizing that their vocalist is Tatsuhisa Suzuki which ended up at the fifth spot. While watching the PV of it, I said to myself, “the vocalist seems cool and looks really familiar to me.” Anyway, it may be because of his bad-ass persona every time he rocks on with his band. Hihihi. Anyway, I love his Engrish in his songs and his band is gaining more and more popularity now. It’s not unexpected to see his name in the list.

Ono Daisuke-sama made it to the fourth spot because I said so. LOL. It is because people noticed his Sebastian-like singing voice. Personally speaking, the reason why I adored his songs is because I am still allured to Sebastian Michaelis and I still see that character every time he sings. Am I the only one who experiences that? But, indeed, he will not be in this place if he did not prove his listeners that he really is good in singing. He released his own album (wait, is it supposed to be with ‘-s’, I am not that updated with his discography now), and singles.

The chef-turned-seiyuu Suzumura Kenichi made his way up to the 3rd spot. This is not surprising at all. He has released albums, mini-albums included, and singles. He had character songs portraying various personalities which are hard to handle. He was and still part of a unit, formerly with Sakurai Takahiro. He is still letting us fans witness his wonderful singing through Hijirikawa Masato of Uta no Prince-sama.

My itoshii na Miyano Mamoru is in the 2nd place. I was a huge fan of him until he released his 1st album, Break. There is a reason behind that. He was my number 1 Japanese singer until I saw news flashed in the internet regarding his marriage and him having his child. It does not mean I hate him, just like what fans did to Hirano Aya after discovering about her craps, I just shifted to another seiyuu singer with a really powerful aura and singing voice. He really is good in singing, and according to him, it is one of his hobbies. He is also the first SOLO male seiyuu singer to have a live in Budoukan. *claps* I still listen to his songs, but not as avid as before. I only have my eyes to his character CDs.

The artist that I was telling above is really the band GRANRODEO that has Taniyama Kishou as the vocalist. Kishow, as his fashioned-name in the band, marvelously made his way to the top spot. This is not something to argue about. His vocal range is so wide that he can shift from ultra deep singing voice to the highest one that even an ordinary woman can’t reach (singing). He can sing ballad, rock, pop, and any genre exists. Well, that was not really biased. Those are the impressive points I took from him that is why I did not regret becoming a fan of him, the people who took the survey feel the same way too, I guess.


I am not really into female seiyuu, but I will still give remarks to each artist.

·         Tanaka Mayumi
Really haven’t heard her singing voice before. I do not watch One Piece so I don’t know what she sounds like when she sings. Gomen nasai. But I am fully aware of her magnificence as a seiyuu.

·         Takagaki Ayahi
Frankly speaking, I do not really like her singing voice. She is a part of the group SPHERE, with Kotobuki Minako, Tomatsu Haruka, and Toyosaki Aki, so I am a bit disappointed with what happened in here.

·         Sakamoto Maaya
From this point on, there are no questions about this. Sakamoto Maaya is really good in singing. My favorite song of her is Kiseki no Umi where she made a mark to my ears that no other singer can ever perform such song. NO ONE ELSE, I am telling you.

·         Hayashibara Megumi
Hayashibara-san was really famous in the 90s, she is now really invisible to me. I don’t even know if she is releasing singles now, but the last role of her that I’ve heard is from Ao no Exorcist where she acted as the twins’ mother. As for her singing, there’s no doubt that she did established her name in the industry and there are some favorites of mine that were sung by her. I like her tandem with Masami Okui, which is still active until now and is a part of JAM PROJECT. (Why did I say that? This is all about Hayashibara-san, right? LOL)
Anyway, I am hoping she’ll make her comeback soon and have her anime songs cover album in the future. Hihihi. I am just wishing here.

·         Mizuki Nana
Seiyuu often call her as a short lady with high singing voice. If you have heard her sing her popularized anime songs, you’ll just have a jaw dropping moment with Goosebumps sensation all over your body and continue savoring her breathtaking singing.

Wrapping up:

1.    Notice that most of those who made it in the top male seiyuu singers are part of the anime Uta no Prince-sama: Suwabe Junichi (Jinguji Ren), Morikubo Shoutaro (Kotobuki Reiji), Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Kurosaki Ranmaru), Suzumura Kenichi (Hijirikawa Masato), Miyano Mamoru (Ichinose Tokiya), and Taniyama Kishou (Shinomiya Natsuki).
2.    The male and female artists who made it to the top are my favorites.

That’s all!

Mind sharing your comments about this?


  1. Hosoya Yoshimasa has an awesome voice!!! and.. omg! my two favorite seiyuu are on top 2 Miyano and Taniyama *w* I just love them.

  2. yeaaahhh!!! All hail Kishow-sama!! I really liked his voice strong when he sings rock or ballad. GRANRODEO!! XD

    Btw, too bad you're lowering expectations judgment against Mamo-tan just because he got married.
    The most important for me is his talent, not his personal life.
    He sang more intense over the years! Moreover he is also one of the singers in UtaPri. His songs are very epic!! XD
    The best seiyuu singer in my heart. Hehheehehehehehe... :3