Jun 6, 2011

At Last Managed to Post

At this very moment I am watching NBA Finals' 3rd Game.

I am a Miami Heat fan. 


Just shared. 

I've borrowed the desktop for a while to download my father a certain game.

Of course, it is a basketball-related game.

Decided to post while I am watching.

Why am I saying such nonsense things.

Because I am so happy that I can finally post again.

Will be gathering new images from the seiyuu blogs

just like what I usually do.

Read some comments.

I love reading comments.

Yes, that kinda actually meant that please do comment.

So for now the most viewed post is about Quinrose's game

Iza, Shutsujin! Koiikusa Characters.

Just like what the advertisement of Blogger previously said:

The more you post the more comments you'll receive.

So for those who have been following me even though

I am not regularly updating like what I've done before,

Thank you.


Maraming Salamat.

So I'll be off starting the next one.


Otanoshimi ni~

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