Jul 27, 2010

A sorta tiring day..

Another journal entry.

Before I start with telling what happened today

I have a kind of question.

Up until now I don't know

what's the use of "nau" in Japanese.

Anyone? Please clarify the meaning of it. 


Then, going to the story..

I danced once again.

(Let's just keep it a secret)

I will be preparing the dance steps for our

practical test in P.E.

I wonder how am I going to think of the steps

for ARNIS.

Then in Religion and Math

same old. Short quiz and further discussions.

In English, my favorite part of the day,

we had the introduction or somewhat description

for our buddy. We also had a Japanese jump-start words

and my classmates' got curious about the word "wareware".

I should have used "atashitachi" or "bokutachi".


In Filipino, we had escaped the terror of performing the

...the poem!! Yeah, the poem, but instead we just analyzed

and answered some of the questions given after.

We will also perform something tomorrow and it'll be great.

We're going to dub (girls) and the guys will be the ones

who will act in front. It's like a drama dubbed with our

native language. I'll be looking forward to it.

Chemistry... I still can't believe that DIAMOND is an element.

How come?! Explanation, anyone?

That's my sole mistake in the whole seatwork. Curse.

Accounting and History, just need to read, read, and read.

Well, I need to give extra shot and of course, understand it.

We also had homeroom wherein we just read a story,

I mean, a parable. It's kinda inspiring since I'm feeling the same way

with the frog (the main character).


I went home 1 hour late since I helped our adviser in cleaning

and sticking some things on our bulletin board.


We won the cleanest room and cleanest corridor.

Still...can't get over with it.

It's sooooo unexpected.

Anyway, another entry done.


*next time I think I'll take some pictures using my younger sis' cam.


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