Jul 28, 2010

What a day~~

Totally tired yet enjoyed it.


Actually we had a quiz in MAPEH.

Where I got 2 mistakes. 

Tch, I don't have the book that's why it's hard to follow.

Anyway, in Religion. Just plain discussion.

In Math, yet another quiz, managed to answer everything

just need to wait for tomorrow's results.

English, I just talked to my classmates during that time since there's

only an activity for us to do and I've finished doing it yesterday.

In Chemistry, we had a laboratory work.

I don't know why we had to use our lab gowns but 

we still wore it after all.

Before going out of the laboratory,

this caught my attention:

Then in our Filipino subject, we had a short play. Wherein I dubbed

the part of the rich house owner. I kinda copied Kaida Yuki's way of 

voicing over and I think it worked out well. Just practice


During our Statistics time, we only copied notes and also had

a dental check-up. In World History, I on-the-spot reported too.

I've read it a day before so, DAIJOUBU. 

Before going home I dropped by the library to interview the

new librarian. Actually, I just made her write and answer the questions

on the paper. It makes me easier to get info instead. 

Important things today!

I wore ultra high socks today. I though I will be noticed and reprimanded

but no such thing happened.


I've decided to make something like this:

So I can easily remember and will not forget anything.

Well then, gotta leave now.

I don't know if I'll be posting another later.

Just, I don't know. 


Good luck for tomorrow.


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